Dismantling your bulky furniture in Dubai

You may need to dismantle furniture that does not fit in the stairwell, such as your large wardrobe or double bed. But you may also have to do this for a cabinet that is too heavy and will simply be easier to transport if the doors, shelves, etc. Cheap Movers and Packers Dubai. “To succeed in this very technical task, be rigorous. Take care to mark their positions on the furniture elements (right/left, top/bottom, etc.) so that you can reassemble them easily. Group all the screws in a pouch so as not to lose them and avoid putting the screws of two different pieces of furniture in a single pouch: each structure must have its screw pouch.

Unplugging your household appliances

You must unplug the electrical wires, and also the water inlet and drain pipes (washing machine, dishwasher). To prevent water from escaping during handling, it is recommended to plug the pipes with rags and fix them, facing upwards, with adhesive, to the rear of the machines. You also need to empty the refrigerator and freezer.

For your screens (television and computers) as well as your box or game consoles, it is very important not to mix up the cables. If you cannot leave them connected to the devices, take care to store them in different pockets, noting the associated devices on them. Do the same for remote controls. If you are not sure how to redo the connections, take photos of the different connections and number your cables.


A professional mover gives you several advantages:

Protecting your furniture.

With blankets or bubble wrap, the movers will cover your furniture so that it is protected during loading, transport, and delivery.

Packaging of bedding, armchairs, and sofas.

Your mattresses and box springs are packaged in special, single-use covers, just like your armchairs and sofas. These covers protect against dirt and possible scratches during handling.

Dispatching and installation of furniture

On arrival, the movers distribute the boxes to the corresponding rooms. Furniture and appliances are arranged according to the layout you have planned. When they leave, everything must be in its place. To make your move more comfortable, you can ask the company for additional services which will be added to your economical moving quote:

Supply of cardboard and adhesives

You can pick them up from your mover’s premises, taking care to give your day of arrival, so that they are made available to you. You must, preferably, be transported for their transport because the packs of boxes are quite heavy and their quantity can be bulky if it is a Dubai Movers. Fortunately, you can also request delivery to your home! It is a paid service because it requires a truck and a delivery person. If you cannot be present on the day of delivery, there are other solutions, such as: dropping them off on your landing, in a bicycle storage room, with the caretaker of your building, with a neighbor, or even with a merchant helpful.

Dismantling and reassembling furniture

If you are not a handyman, or you simply do not want to dismantle your furniture, you can ask for this task to carry out by a team of movers. Indeed, professional movers master the techniques of dismantling furniture. Before starting dismantling, they will note with you all the signs of dilapidation and the risks of deterioration. For slightly technical furniture, if you have kept the instructions, do not hesitate to give them to the person responsible for dismantling! Upon delivery, your furniture will reassemble and positioned where you want it. Remember to take the measurements carefully to avoid surprises when you move in!

Move during off-peak periods for more savings

To save money, we advise you to choose your date carefully. Favor the low season, rather than summer which is truly the high season and where movers revise their prices upwards. Self Storage Dubai the end-of-year holiday period remains in high demand. It is best to move during the week as families prefer weekends. Movers can sometimes make interesting commercial gestures to fill the other days of the week.

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