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Discover Premium Decorative Exterior Tiles for Home Spaces


The exterior wall is a significant design element that serves as an empty canvas encapsulating the essence of your entire house. Whether it serves as a partition wall, a boundary wall, or your home facade, you must want it to look attractive and distinctive. You can easily upgrade it by using premium exterior tiles available in the market of tiles in Chennai. This blog will provide some decorative exterior tile designs that you can get to upgrade your home in Chennai. 

Decorative Exterior Tiles to Elevate Outdoor Aesthetics

3D Elevation Wall Tile Design 

Nowadays, exterior wall tiles have become an admired choice for urban and suburban home designs, thanks to their innovative designs and stunning looks. Among all the designs available in exterior tiles, 3D elevation wall tiles have earned special recognition. Professionals prefer these tile designs because of their magnificent looks and their ability to instantly create a remarkable exterior look.

You can find these exterior wall tiles in all varieties of designs, ranging from brick to natural stone. Explore the varieties and pick the one that complements your home exterior while elevating it. 

Narrow Natural Stone Wall Tile Design 

If you love the feel of nature and want to infuse natural vibes into every space possible, you should consider natural stone tiles to upgrade your home exteriors. Even though marble and granite tiles are often preferred for exterior walls, you can go a step further and get a textured feel for your exterior walls with narrow natural stone wall tiles. These tiles possess an abstract look or a thinner version of natural stones that can provide a very classy look to your exterior walls. 

Grey Tone Wall Tile Design

Neutral tones like grey on your exterior walls offer your home a very raw and rustic feel. That’s why you should consider putting narrow slabs of grey-toned wall tiles. You can find different hues of grey tiles in Chennai, from dark to pale. Opt for any of the tones or consider mixing different tones to create an ombre effect on your exterior walls. Another big advantage of grey-toned wall tiles is that you do not have to worry about keeping them dust-free as dust is hardly visible on the surface. 

White Wall Tile Design 

The colour white always looks grandeur no matter where you use it. So, to give a majestic look to your home exteriors, you should consider going for simple plain white wall tiles. On top of that, if you have a different colour door, the white tiles will elevate the beauty even more. Despite their majestic look, you should remember that you have to regularly clean the wall to maintain its beauty. So, it is better to opt for glossy finish tiles to easily maintain cleanliness.

Wooden Wall Tile Design

Thanks to their timeless appeal, wooden tiles are often preferred for home exterior walls. If you consider premium exterior tiles with a wood effect, you can easily infuse a rustic charm and natural warmth into your home’s exteriors. Plus, these tiles are highly versatile and can complement different architectural designs. From planks to glossy finishes, you can find them in different variants, mimicking the beauty of real wood and infusing cosiness into your exterior seating space behind your pool. 

Cemented Textured Wall Tile Design

For an iconic look of your home exteriors, you should consider cemented tiles. These tiles come in two variations – matte and polished finishes. Create a wall design with textured block tiles of cement designs to enhance the beauty of your home’s front wall. The cement design of the tiles can give an architectural look with a vintage vibe to your facade. You can find them in diverse tones, from yellow to grey. So, select them as per your desired home exterior look. 

Moroccan-Style Wall Tile Design

Moroccan tiles are excellent premium exterior tiles that can add an eastern touch to your home design. They feature ornate patterns and bright colours to create a captivating exterior look, infusing an element of cultural richness to your home exteriors. So, consider adding an exotic charm and visually intriguing look to your exteriors with Moroccan tiles. 

Brick Wall Tile Design

The brick wall pattern is timeless and versatile, offering a sense of nostalgia to contemporary homes. If you want to create a refined vibe with a timeless feel for your home facade, consider using outdoor tiles in brick designs. These exterior tiles offer unique advantages of interior insulation, especially during hot summer days by keeping the heat outside the house and maintaining a more comfortable and soothing ambience inside. Whether you prefer a classic design or a more modernised 3D design, you can find these exterior tiles in rich hues and varied textures to add an old-world charm to your modern home.


Hope you can now visit the market of tiles in Chennai and connect with Orientbell Tiles Boutique for excellent exterior tiles to upgrade your home decor. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Exterior Tiles 

Can you lay tiles over your brick walls? 

Yes, you can lay exterior tiles over your brick walls. However, the process can be tricky, and you might end up with an uneven finished result. So, you should consider hiring a professional tile installer for the job. 

Which tile material is suitable for the front walls of your house?

Outdoor ceramic tiles are not usually recommended for exterior walls as they come with limited durability and high porosity. However, you can consider outdoor porcelain tiles as they come with less porous bodies. 

Which brand offers an exotic collection of exterior tiles? 

Orientbell Tiles offers an exciting display of exterior wall tiles that can add value to your property by elevating its exterior aesthetics. 

How long can exterior wall tiles last?

If you take good care of your exterior wall tiles, which are of proper design and premium quality, they can last for several years without any sign of wearing.</span

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