Differences b/w MFP and Office Copier You Must Know

The market is flooded with many kinds of printers and copiers. Therefore, getting confused among so many choices is normal when you want to get one for your workplace needs.

One such confusion arises between a multifunctional printer and a standard office copier. Some people use both terms interchangeably. However, both have obvious differences.

Knowing these dissimilarities between the two is essential to understanding what device will suit your office. Keep reading the article to know more, as it will shed light on the prominent differences between an MFP and an office copier.

5 Differences between MFP and Office Copier

Both multifunctional printers and office copiers can print or copy your essential documents. However, this is the only similarity between these two machines. When you look closer, an MFP is much more different than a standard copier. Here are some basic differences between these two devices:

1. Functionality

The first thing that you should look forward to while selecting a printing machine for your workplace is the range of functions. It is the root difference between MFP and a standard copier.

A conventional office copier can only help you copy your documents. On the other hand, by using a multifunctional printer, you can get various jobs done, for instance:

  • It helps you copy your documents
  • It can work as a scanner
  • You can utilize an MFP as your fax machine
  • It can also be used to email PDF formats of your files

Hence, with a copier, you will only get copies. But with an MFP, you can achieve several milestones using a single machine. Hence, many businesses opt for printer rental Dubai services to rent an MFP and benefit from its multifunctional features.

2. Memory

There is a significant memory difference between a conventional copier and an MFP. Although office copiers do have memory, it is nothing compared to a multifunctional device.

The limited range of memory can negatively impact their performance. Moreover, they also store data only on a temporary basis. It means that if, due to some incident, you lose your sensitive documents, there are fewer chances to retrieve them.

On the other hand, MFPs come with variable ranges of internal memory. Depending on your office workload, you can select a multifunctional printer with suitable memory. Usually, in these devices:

  • RAM capacity is between 256MB -2GB
  • Storage varies from 1GB to 1TB

Therefore, if your workplace has a higher volume of printing or images, you can get a multifunctional printer accordingly.

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3. Size

Usually, the size of a printing machine is not considered important. However, it becomes critical, particularly if your workplace size is smaller. In that case, you need more space to accommodate various things.

Conventional copiers are heavier and bulkier than multifunctional printers. Having this machine in your office means:

  • You will either have to dedicate a considerable space to this machine
  • Or you will have to have a separate copier room

As opposed to copiers, MFPs are typically smaller in size. You can even place them on your office desk. This will help you save much space to use for other essential purposes.

4. Speed and Graphics

Both elements are crucial for businesses. On the one hand, they might need higher speed to copy a higher volume of documents in less time. On the other hand, they need high-resolution graphics for more clarity.

When you talk about speed, a conventional copier might seem like a winner. Usually, a printing machine’s speed is measured in pages per minute or PPM. In this regard:

  • An office copier usually has a speed of 60PPM
  • Conversely, the speed of an MFP ranges from 25PPM to 90PPM

However, you can get high-quality graphics in your prints by using a multifunctional printer as compared to a standard copier.

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5. Feasibility

Ease of use or feasibility also matters in offices. The easier the machine, the more efficient operations will be. Therefore, while deciding between an MFP and a usual copier, you should also take feasibility into account.

Normal copiers are typically complex to handle. You will have to press several buttons and manage various setting options to print only a single copy.

On the other hand, with an MFP printer, getting a copy is as easy as pie. All you have to do is to press a single button and get what you need. You can acquire multifunctional printer rental Dubai services to rent an MFP to get the same level of feasibility.

MFP or Office Copier, which is Better for You?

A multifunctional printer must not be confused with a conventional office copier. Differentiating between the two is vital to deciding which device suits your workplace. In terms of functionality, size, memory, and feasibility, an MFP has the upper hand. However, when you talk about speed, although an office copier is considered a winner, the speed of a multifunctional printer is also good. Therefore, you will have to consider all the above factors before making up your mind. Moreover, renting any printing machine from a reliable service provider is a better option for startups and medium-sized businesses.

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