Delve into your past and current relationships

Explore your feelings towards different genders.

Reflect on past attractions and connections.

Consider your emotional responses in various relationships.

Personal Experiences:

Delve into your past and current relationships.

Evaluate your comfort level and fulfillment in these connections.

Consider any patterns or recurring themes in your romantic history.


Contemplate your own identity and how you perceive yourself.

Explore your comfort level with the idea of being a lesbian.

Consider any societal influences or expectations that may have shaped your perspective.

Exploration of Sexuality:

Examine your physical and emotional responses to different genders.

Reflect on any fantasies or desires you may have.

Consider your comfort level with expressing your sexuality.


Taking a quiz to explore your sexual orientation can be a positive and affirming step in the process of self-discovery. It’s important to approach the results with an open mind, recognizing that sexuality is fluid and can evolve over time. This quiz is not a definitive answer but rather a tool to spark introspection and encourage a deeper understanding of your own feelings and experiences. Remember, the most valuable aspect of this journey is embracing your authentic self, whatever that may be. We invite you to take the quiz and use it as a starting point for your ongoing exploration of identity.

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