Custom Letterman Jacket: How to Style Yours in Different Ways?

You can style your custom letterman jacket in a lot more ways than you can imagine. Here is a detailed styling guide on how you can wear it on several occasions. 

What makes your custom letterman jacket timeless is the fact that it can be styled in so many ways. After all, these jackets have managed to stay on trend in every era of fashion. First worn by athletes, these jackets are no longer just a way of showcasing team spirit or high school pride. In fact, they have become a style statement. Moreover, there are different ways in which you can customize your jackets. This has made them an iconic, versatile piece of garment that can be worn with pride for years to come. This blog is all about how to style your high school varsity jackets differently. Also, we will delve into multiple customization options to keep your jacket aligned with the latest trends.

How to Style Your Letterman Jacket?

As aforementioned, you can experiment a lot when styling your custom letterman jacket. In other words, there is a lot to explore when creating different outfit looks with your jacket. This styling factor has made them more than just a high school jacket – a style statement! The following are different ways to style your letterman jacket and look amazing:

Classic Styling for Timeless Looks

You can never go wrong with styling your varsity jacket. And if you want to keep it simple, there is no better choice than styling your jacket in the traditional way. Black jeans and high school varsity jackets are a classic yet chic combination. So, wearing yours with a black pair of jeans will ultimately make you look good. Plus, this pairing fits the standard dress codes. Now, let’s talk about shoes. Complete your fit with black or white lace shoes for a well-put-together look. You can also add minimal accessories to add a touch of boldness to your overall outfit while still keeping it effortless.

Street Style Inspiration

Just like your custom letterman jacket, street fashion is also here to stay. Streetwear is all about being edgy and bold. So, incorporating it with your varsity jacket makes you explore new dimensions of styling. Plus, it’s fun too. Taking inspiration from street-style fashion when creating an outfit with your varsity jacket will surely make you stand out from the crowd. You can pair it with baggy ripped jeans or cargo pants for a classic street look. For women, there is even more to explore in styling. You can add a mini skirt or even thigh-high boots when styling your high school varsity jackets.

Fashion Fact!
Blending street fashion and varsity jackets is a hot trend among celebrities. 


Incorporating Athletic Wear

Varsity jackets made their first appearance as athletic wear. So, they naturally go well with sporty looks. In fact, they create the best outfit to be worn for different games, be it football or basketball. You can even wear your custom letterman jacket if you are going to just support your team. After all, these symbolize your team spirit and school pride. Styling them for sports events is an easy job. Wear it with a white tee and your favorite pair of jeans. Add white sneakers for a chic yet sporty look. Outfits like these are not just elegant but comfortable too – perfect for sports and games. 

Formal and Semi-Formal Looks

Letterman jackets are suitable for all occasions, from casual to formal and semi-formal. It totally depends on how you style it. Moreover, you earn these jackets as a token of appreciation because of your passion for hard work and excellence. So, you can definitely wear them to your formal occasions as well as sports events. This will also show how proud you feel representing your school on different platforms. When styling your varsity jacket for formal or semi-formal events, go for formal pants and a light-colored shirt. Women can also wear them with skirts. All in all, your custom varsity jacket can make for the perfect formal attire.

Seasonal Styling

The best thing about your custom letterman jacket is that it can be worn in every season. With the right clothing combo, you can flaunt your jacket with pride in every season. From spring to frosty winters, these can work well depending on what you pair them with. Moreover, these jackets are versatile so you can style them in any way you feel comfortable. For instance, these jackets are amazing for added insulation in cold weather. Pair it with sweaters, beanies, and scarves for a perfect winter look. To style your varsity jacket for fall, you can wear hoodies underneath it. This is super practical for breezy autumn days. Springtime accounts for wearing your varsity jackets with lightweight, breathable fabrics. Varsity jackets may not be a smart choice for summers but you can still make it work. Wear it with cotton shirts on cooler summer evenings. 


Pro Styling Tip!
If you are going to wear your letterman jacket as summer outerwear, pair it with light colors for a fresh look.


Your Custom Letterman Jacket is Perfect for Daily Wear!

Are you someone who loves to experiment with your everyday outfits? How about incorporating your varsity jacket into your styling game? It may sound odd but it sure is fun. As it is your daily wear, you are not bound to follow any certain rules and standards. Therefore, you can style it however you feel like. You can make some daring choices or keep it classy. Choosing bright colors can add a touch of liveliness while white keeps you looking fresh and sleek. You can even combine different trends and come up with a fusion of your own. After all, fashion is all about discovering your own style and staying comfortable. 

Customize Your Letterman Jacket as You Like!

What makes owning a varsity jacket even more amazing is that you can add a personal touch to it. You can think of it as a black canvas and paint it however you like. In fact, your jacket represents your high school journey, and customizing it gives you the choice of telling your story from your perspective. Customize your jacket by adding letters, colorful and creative patches, and emblems. Simply put, the options are endless and you can choose anything per your taste and preferences.


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