Custom Cosmetic Boxes A DIY Tutorial

Custom Cosmetic Boxes A DIY Tutorial

It cannot be denied that packaging is an important aspect of the beauty industry because it is concerned with the ability to draw consumers’ attention and to broadcast the company’s image. While excluding the contact of cosmetics directly, custom cosmetic boxes also become ideal and versatile mediums for art and advertisement. 


Oh Canadian cosmetics lovers, do you want to know how to give a personal note to your cosmetics accessory or decoration? 


Now, let us proceed toward the understanding of how you can create cosmetic packaging that is versatile enough to complement your individuality.


Understanding Your Brand Identity

But before writing a single line, it is essential to think properly and get a steady picture of what a brand should be. There are several factors that one should consider about their target audience, the values, and the aesthetics of the brand. Do you want a strip packager that could be simple, elegant, or environmentally friendly? Knowing what your brand looks like will help you decide which type of material you would like to use, the appropriate colours to use for your Custom Cosmetic Boxes and the general themes to incorporate in the packaging.


Selecting the Right Materials

Selecting the appropriate materials for both, form and function, is a critical task that requires great attention to detail. For crafting the cosmetic boxes, you should choose high-quality cardboard or kraft paper for making the base of the boxes. These materials have protective properties that make them ideal for construction while still being versatile enough to accommodate additional changes. On this note, useful recommendations include environmentally friendly options for instance recycled papers to meet sustainable development goals.


Designing: Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Here the second half of the packaging fun begins; that is to design your Custom Cosmetic Boxes. Getting the logo and other visual identification elements right can be quite a complex process; therefore, it is recommended to compile graphics using the available graphic design software or seek the help of a professional designer to come up with appealing and unique images that can represent one’s brand. Ensure you include your logo, your corporate colours and other characteristics of your brand. Do not forget that any product that is to be sold in a store must have some pieces of information which include: ingredient and nutritional value declaration and bar code number.


Adding Personal Touches

When you want to enhance the appearance of your custom cosmetic boxes, there is no better way than putting into practice your creativity that will be ideal for your target consumers. This could be created in the form of handwritten words, bespoke slogans, cute stickers, and little touches such as ribbons or bows. Not only do such minuscule observations appeal to the unboxing aspect of the product, but they also serve to remind the consumer of the company’s bond with them.


Assembling Your Boxes

Owning a custom cosmetic box design, you have to proceed to the final step on how your cosmetic boxes will be packaged. Begin by creating a box template; reduce your cardboard or kraft paper according to these patterns. This should be done after marking Crease lines drawn to fold the paper to join the edges with adhesive. To avoid marks which would give the dress a wrinkled appearance, one should look for the right scoring tool. Also, do not forget that the size of cosmetic products should easily fit into the respective boxes to avoid any tight situations.


Branding and Labeling

When your boxes are constructed, a stage is reached where one has to decorate them to finalize the making of the custom boxes for cosmetics. Stick your brand labels or brand stickers at the appropriate places on the boxes so that the customers can see them and know the logistics of the brands. It is advised to use QR codes or NFC tags for an active part and give the client access to more or something unique about the product.


Quality Assurance and Shipping

If you have designed and got your custom printed box packaging made, you should take some final steps including the following; Search for issues related to printing, violations of structure and layout, or inconsistent branding. After satisfying, properly pack your products for shipment, thereby providing adequate protection throughout shipment. Consequently, choose more sustainable packaging resources and styles like biodegradable bubble wrappings or compostable mailer stocks.



Custom cosmetic boxes do not only allow for creative and original formulations, but they can also become the key to attracting attention and making the logos and names of cosmetic brands stand out. It has been explained here how you can design and create your cosmetic packages, which will depict your unique beauty proficiency. If you are a newly established indie brand or a veteran cosmetics lover in Canada, incorporating custom packaging ideas into your beauty brand probably would enhance your brand image and make your consumers happy.

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