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How Conquer NEET 2024 in the First Attempt

Preparing for NEET 2024 in your first attempt is an important goal for aspiring medical professionals. It requires dedicated study, deep understanding of concepts and strategic preparation. Success in NEET opens doors to respected medical colleges and a fulfilling career in healthcare. This article highlights effective strategies and tips to help you crack NEET 2024 in your first attempt. Make sure you read it with complete focus so that you can know whether you can crack a competitive exam in the first attempt or not. So let’s start reading it to find out.

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How To Crack NEET In First Attempt!

Before starting NEET preparation, make a well organized time table for yourself so that you properly cover those topics in which you need to improve. This will help students to plan their time subject-wise and subject-wise. Do not forget to include those subjects in your time table which are reviewed several times. This time table strategy will give you an idea to clear your schedule in the coming months so that you are able to crack the exam in your very first attempt.

Below are some tips, by following which you can get very close to cracking NEET.

  • Be accustomed to the syllabus
  • Ensure familiarity with NCERT text
  • Design a Realistic Routine
  • Build a smart study stock
  • Take notes
  • Practice mock tests: pen-paper testing is THE RULE.
  • timeboxing
  • Avoid following too many books
  • What’s inside is reflected out

Some of these tips will be explained in detail

Be accustomed to the syllabus

To prepare, first of all you should know everything about your syllabus. If you know about your syllabus in advance then it will be very beneficial for you. Preparation for the exam is done so that the syllabus can be completed. If you have some topics about which you are well aware, then you can skip them for some time and focus on important concepts.

Ensure familiarity with NCERT Books

Give top priority to NCERT books in your preparation because most of the questions in the exam will be from these books, so prepare for these books as much as possible. These books may be very difficult to get later, so you should stock them in advance, this will help you crack the exam in the first attempt.

Design a realistic routine

It is not so difficult to pass the NEET exam in the first attempt as according to reports, many students have passed the exam who used to prepare according to their time table so that they can concentrate on other important things in the extra time. 

Therefore, to give a boost to your preparation, you should make a realistic and well-structured timetable and continue your preparation accordingly.

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Make Notes 

Topics and Focus Points: Write important points related to your topic on pages or on colored stick-ons so that later you do not have to read books again for important points based on your topic, but remember them by looking at the notes. 

Post them on a particular wall or on the door of your cupboard or somewhere else that you may visit at different times, so that you can easily find your notes and do not face any problems later. Remember to Your notes can become a big factor to crack your NEET exam in the first attempt.

Find well Reputed Institute 

When you want to crack the exam in your first attempt, it is very important to follow the right strategy and take your preparation forward, along with that you also need people who can guide you when the time comes. 

For this, joining Yamuna Vihar Institute often becomes a desire of the students because here along with your preparation, preparation for the exam is done under the supervision of top teachers and from time to time, mock test facility is also provided to strengthen your practice. 

NEET coaching center in Yamuna vihar also helps you prepare for competitive exams like JEE, so join us soon because we make miracles.


In conclusion, Successfully clearing NEET 2024 in your first attempt is a remarkable achievement that opens doors to prestigious medical colleges and a fulfilling career in healthcare. It requires dedication, strategic preparation and in-depth understanding of the exam topics. By implementing effective study strategies and staying focused, you can take the test with confidence and achieve your dream of becoming a medical professional.


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