Common Issues Encountered in Jewelry Repair Store

Repairing jewelry and gemstones seems like some magic that is done with the help of great precision and expert knowledge. One needs experience, suitable employees, and technology to build a successful repair business. In this article, we will go rather deeply into the life of jewelers.

We will learn about their tools and secrets of the crafts and discuss common issues encountered in jewelry repair stores. Moreover, you will learn how the best jewelry store management software can help you streamline all the ongoing processes. Let us begin.

Broken Chains and Links

Chains are one the most fragile parts of jewelry that may clump due to long-term use. At repair stores, a number of customers visit to fix their bracelets and necklaces whose chains and links are broken.

Professional jewelers apply solders or laser welding methods to create a tight bond. They try to finish this process without a trace of any soldering or welding sign to keep the item pristine.

Loose Stones

Gemstones are sometimes known to become loose stones, usually a severe repair task. Rings tend to have stones that have a tendency to shift or even fall out. So, being a repair store owner, one must have all the related stones that can be fixed on necklaces, bracelets, pendants, etc.

So, to keep track of all the inventory, you can equip your store with repair shop software. It will notify you whenever you run out of stock. This way, you will not lose any chances of making sales due to inventory shortage. 

Worn-out Prongs

Prongs serve as a prime feature in the buying process, as they hold the gemstones firmly in their settings. Jewelers apply the same skill as they look at each prong and reinforce it according to the requirement. So that the stone can stay intact within the frame.

Cracks and Chips at Gemstones

Since jewelry and gemstones are subjected to daily wear and tear, they are not fully destruction-proofed. This shows the flaws or damage makes them look less attractive and can weaken their strength and durability. In such cases, the repair must be done with a gentle hand and skillful methods.

Jewelers have different polishing mechanisms and machines to perform the repair job. Also, the cutting is performed depending on the seriousness. Meanwhile, a new stone might be acquired to enhance the gemstone’s beauty.

However, you should convey every detail of the repair job to your client. For instance, how much time will it take? What would be the approximate cost of repairing?

And if you are new in this business, you can go through simple steps to the perfect jewelry repair process. Thus, you can serve your customers right and will be aware of all the SOPs.

Discoloration and Tarnish

Another major issue with jewelry is discoloration and tarnish. With time, most of the jewels, gold, gemstones, and other pieces made of silver and platinum develop tarnishing and darkening. This happens mostly due to their exposure to environmental elements that are responsible or due to chemical reactions.

So, restoring the shine of dull gemstones relies on the skills of repair technicians. They must clean and polish the items appropriately. Jewelers apply different cleaning agents by using various techniques. And at the same time, they must carefully protect the ornament from any possible damage.

Additionally, being a business owner, you should get assistance from technology. You can look forward to the best jewelry store management software in this regard. From inventory to cash flow to billing, the system can help you with every aspect of your business. In addition, if any of your employees cannot do a repair job, you can assign that to another repairer. This way, you can save time and hassle while keeping your customers happy.

Resizing Rings

Weight fluctuations, temperature, and even finger shrinking can cause errors in the size of a ring. But this process is not confined to simply resizing the ring; it is more complex. Jewelers analyze the nature and style of the ring before resizing it.

They can cut it or perform the soldering in a way that will enable them to achieve the actual size. Such a careful process will allow the creation of a piece of art that will remain just like the original. This way, you can meet the customer’s requirements.

What Else to Consider?

So, running a jewelry repair business is challenging. You want so many customers to visit you regularly. But unfortunately, that does not happen in the real world. To succeed in this industry, you can look for some of the most popular ways to promote your business.

In addition, make good relations with your suppliers and equip your store with software for repair shop to keep track of everything. And lastly, don’t forget to hire the best resources to do the repair jobs correctly.

Final Words

Repairing the jewelry has been a demanding task marked by skill, accuracy, and in-depth knowledge. Each repair task presents a challenge of its own kind. Through the knowledge of common problems and methods used for jewelry repair, you can help a number of customers.

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