Commercial Pool Repair Understanding the Basics

Owning and operating a commercial pool comes with great responsibility. You need to ensure the facility is safe, clean, and functioning properly for all patrons. When issues arise, you must take swift action by contacting a professional commercial pool repair company. Read on to learn the basics of commercial pool maintenance and repair.

Hiring a Commercial Pool Service Company

Commercial Pool Repair Plano
When problems occur with your commercial pool repair in Plano, TX, rely on a trusted local company like Allied Aquatics Complete Pool Care. With years of experience servicing municipal and community pools in the area, we have the skills to diagnose and repair any pool issues quickly and effectively. We offer routine maintenance to prevent bigger problems down the road.

Trustworthy Repairs in McKinney, TX

pool repair McKinney TX
For business owners in McKinney, TX looking for a dependable pool repair service, contact Allied Aquatics Complete Pool Care. No job is too small or large for our team. We are available for emergency repairs 24/7 and handle everything from pump repairs to tile regrouting. With a focus on safety, we will get your pool operational again quickly.

Common Commercial Pool Repairs

Pump and Motor Repairs
The pump and motor are essential components that circulate water through the filtration system. These items can wear down over time. Some common repairs include replacing old or damaged parts, changing seals and gaskets, and clearing blockages in the pump basket.

Filter Inspections and Repairs
Commercial pools have large-scale filtration systems to keep water crystal clear. Your pool technicians will need to regularly inspect and clean pool filters. Simple filter repairs may involve replacing torn filter fabric or broken grids.

Tile and Plaster Repairs
The plaster finish and tile protect the shell of your commercial pool. When cracks form or tiles become loose, repairs are required. We can patch small cracks or do a full resurfacing if deterioration is widespread. Regrouting loose tiles also helps prevent further damage.

Drain and Plumbing Repairs
Your pool’s plumbing system directs water flow for balanced circulation. Leaks, cracks in pipes, or malfunctioning drains should be repaired immediately. We determine the cause of the issue and take the necessary steps to fix it.

Heater Troubleshooting
To keep pool water comfortably swimmable, the heater must be well-maintained. If temperature drops, we troubleshoot problems with gas valves, pilot lights, thermostats, and other components. Heater repairs or full replacement may be recommended.

Deck and Fence Repairs
The area surrounding your pool also requires routine inspection. We look for cracked concrete decking, loose railings, broken fencing, poor lighting, and other safety hazards. Any essential commercial pool repair in  McKinney, TX should fix these problems.

The Benefits of Professional Repair Services

Inventory of Replacement Parts
From small gaskets to large pump motors, commercial pool repair companies have the parts in stock to fix problems quickly. We maintain an inventory so you avoid lengthy downtimes waiting on shipments.

Advanced Diagnostics and Testing
Instead of just observing problems on the surface, pros use leak detection, pressure gauges, water testing, voltage meters, and other methods to pinpoint underlying issues. This stepped approach results in accurate troubleshooting.

Code Compliance
Commercial pool facilities must adhere to state health, safety, and accessibility codes. When repairs or renovations are done, we ensure all work meets the current requirements and standards.

Increased Safety
By swiftly addressing malfunctions, leaks, broken equipment, and other operational issues, pool repair companies greatly reduce safety hazards on your property. Protect the public and avoid liability by hiring a licensed pro when problems arise.

Warranties on Service and Parts
Reputable pool companies back up their repair work with warranties should problems persist or reoccur shortly after a service call. Many parts and materials also often come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Trust Allied Aquatics Complete Pool Care for All Your Commercial Pool Repairs
Contact our team in Plano and McKinney, TX today to schedule an inspection or repair service appointment for your municipal, hotel, apartment, or community pool facility. We strive to make your pool safe while keeping repair costs reasonable for your business. With quality workmanship and parts, your pool will be operational again quickly.

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