Classic Men’s Summer Shirts with Layering Styles to Look Cool

With winter gone and summer coming, you must be changing your wardrobe as a man. The ideal choice for a casual and chic look for men is simple: shirts. But shirts just don’t give you the looks; bottoms matter, too. That’s why we’re exploring different types of popular men’s shirts and layering options with them to take the style to a new level.

So Johnny Bigg is a men’s fashion brand that has garments available for professional and casual wear and accessories available to refill your wardrobe with new pieces to wear this summer. The prices could be high if you are filling the wardrobe, but as summer hasn’t approached yet, You can exploit the opportunity of Johnny Bigg coupon code deals and sales offers to get good prices before the trend gets fired.

Solid Shirt:

One of the simplest and most professional styles you want this summer is what you’re already wearing, probably while reading this. Yes, solid shirts are an amazing idea for the summer as they are available in so many colours but have the same classic style of buttons, full sleeves and a collar. But the thing is, it’s not about the shirt that makes it good. It’s about the combination of colours you can buy and keep wearing on a daily basis, as well as the accessories and bottoms you wear that make you look cool every single day.

Customisation options with solid shirts:

The most popular layering option with the solid shirt is the one that one is wearing, including celebrities. Wear a simple white T-shirt underneath the shirt, and then wear a solid shirt while keeping the buttons open. This is, so far, the classic, chic and best style for every day and looks amazing. But there are other options available if the weather is hot and you want to look chicer; wear short, light shoes and a cap with a double layering style. And considering you are already looking cool, wearing sunglasses wouldn’t hurt and will take your looks to the hero style.

 The Chic Checks shirt:

This The Chic Checks shirts is the same as solid shirt but the colors and patterns of it make all the difference in style. They are available in so many colors just like solid shirt but they have various patterns available such as square shapes, flowers or single lining with different combination of colors. The Chic Checks shirts give a bit of formal vibes when you pair it with dark fabric pants.

Customisation options with The Chic Checks shirts:

Since these shirts give a bit of a formal vibe, let’s look at how we make it more formal with layering. But you can wear the same style as a white T-shirt, and this shirt is just like a solid shirt. So, for a formal look, you simply wear dark pants with it and add a tie for a more professional vibe.

You can add up the denim jacket with this shirt and the jeans pants, which will make the vibes neutral, meaning both professional and a bit of casual touch. Wear a pair of trousers with it or shorts for the informal vibes if you are going to any party. If the weather is good and normal, you can try wearing blazers and other types of coats with it.

Resort Shirt:

These shirts are half-sleeved and are very beautiful because they are available in unlimited combinations of patterns and colours; some of them have flowers, while others have random shapes and energetic light colours. They are also available in dark colours. Overall the choices are so much for you. These shirts, as their name suggests, are resort shirts. If you are going to the beach and summer parties, you already know these shirts are the best choice.

Customisation options with the Resort Shirt:

You also know the best combination with it: the shorts! Yeah, you don’t even need to layer anything with it, just the shorts and the shirt will look good. But wear the cool slippers and sunglasses is a must for chic look. Also, wearing a watch will make a big difference. But you can experiement as you want, you have the same option of wearing t-shirt underneath it and keep the buttons open. But if you wear long pants, it won’t look cool.

The Classic Checkered shirt:

These shirts are classic and neutral-styled shirts with square patterns, which give a formal look. They are full sleeves, and the manufacturer shows creativity with different colours. They are good-looking, so you can wear them at any formal event or just wear them casually.

Customisation ideas for this shirt:

There are many ways you can swap and make a new outfit. The first combination for you is denim jeans, which you can wear to look casual, and the second option is wearing them with trousers. You can also add denim jackets if the weather allows you. Plus, wearing the watch with it will make you look good. If you want a heroic style, adding sunglasses is a must.

Wrap Up:

So it depends on the weather. You can wear blazers and coats to style up, but they might make you sweat if the temperature is too high. Otherwise, these shirts are enough to give you a look at your colour. But if you are looking for a lively and energetic look that you won’t have to wear any other layering item with it, then the resort shirts are the best option.


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