Choosing a Primary School for Your Kids: What Parents Should Know

It feels like yesterday when you were buying teddy bears for your kids, and now, they’re getting ready to enter primary school. If you want to make sure they receive the best learning experience possible, then you’ll need to do a bit of homework, too. Here are pointers on how to pick the right one.

Consider the Distance

When you check out schools, think about the travel time and distance. Yes, COVID-19 has forced schools to switch to online classes, but that won’t be the case forever. So, find out how long it takes you to drive your kids to their classes and pick them up after work. Shorter travelling time is much more convenient for everyone.


Check for Language Learning

Does the curriculum offer language learning courses? That’s another consideration when you look for the best primary school in Singapore. Learning another language improves critical thinking, memory skills, and concentration in kids. They also find out how to multitask at such an early age. If you want to improve your children’s mental flexibility and enhance their creativity, then let your kids learn a second—or even a third—language.

Think About Their Interests

By now, you probably have a good idea of what your children like. Does she love to dance? Does he want to create videos? Do they like to swim or play sports? What about singing or the performing arts? Or maybe coding? These are just some of the interests that your kids might be drawn to. Choose a school that offers your children the opportunity to study these subjects in depth. Some schools offer extracurricular activities that allow kids to explore a variety of interests. Keep that in mind, when you start comparing the pros and cons of each school. Who knows? Those interests might turn into a career or even a lifelong passion.

Look for Awards

Select a school that’s been awarded by the Ministry of Education (MoE). The MoE evaluates as well as recognizes schools that deliver consistent efforts in providing top-notch education. These schools use innovative teaching styles, highlighting the importance of a holistic educational approach to learning.


Know the School’s Reputation

What is the school known for? Some schools have a reputation for providing education that integrates formal and informal learning. Some offer programs that develop leadership skills in the students and some offer social learning courses. Find out what your kids will be in for by checking out the school beforehand.

Ask Around

Are there support groups for parents who send their kids to the school? That tells you they have a good sense of community. Can you see yourself joining that community? Some of these groups provide plenty of wonderful advice to fellow parents like you, and that advice can help you make the transition easier for your kids.

Factor in the Environment

What kind of learning environment does the school offer? Is the staff rigid and strict about teaching? Or are the teachers supportive? Do they respect the kids as individuals, or do they believe in humiliating the kids to teach them a lesson?

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