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Get The Best Solution For Chiropractic Treatment For Knee Pain

Consider how frequently you bend down to pick up groceries, climb stairs, walk from your car to the office, or even just get out of bed. These daily tasks all put a lot of strain on your knees. Perhaps you enjoy hiking with your family or you participate in sports like tennis or racquetball. When you have knee discomfort, it can be very tough to do all these everyday tasks. Your capacity to function is negatively impacted by knee pain. let alone thrive. Thankfully, there’s a non-invasive option to help relieve your pain:

The Knee Joint
The knee is a complex joint that relies heavily on ligaments and muscles for stability. The knee is a major weight bearing joint and consists of:

You don’t have to choose to give up on enjoying family time and fitness or to put up with the pain. You shouldn’t have to accept that taking painkillers is now “part of life” either. Give chiropractic treatment some thought. Yes, a certified chiropractor can frequently begin treating and taking care of the underlying problems that are probably causing your knee pain. You don’t have to accept discomfort as “the norm” or “a part of aging.”

More than 150 methods are used by chiropractors in modern chiropractic care to manually adjust the spine, joints, and muscles with variable degrees of force. The connections between structure and function are the main focus of chiropractors. To identify the underlying reasons of knee discomfort, this is crucial. Other physicians have previously had conflicting opinions about chiropractic therapy. However, new guidelines were announced by The American College of Physicians in the beginning of 2017. These days, it is in favor of treating various forms of pain using nonpharmacologic therapies like acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments as a first line of treatment before turning to medicine. Treating pain holistically is what a chiropractor does.

Three Signs That It May be Time to Seek Treatment

One important factor is if your knee discomfort is so bad that it prevents you from carrying out your regular activities. It’s also time to see a chiropractor if you’ve tried reducing your activity level for brief periods of time and your knee pain persists, or if you’ve taken painkillers and your knee pain doesn’t go away.

An expert medical professional, like our Family Chiropractic Clinic chiropractors, will treat the problems arising from the discomfort in and around the knee. They will also evaluate you to see if the real cause of your knee pain, or at least a contributing component, is alignment problems in other parts of your body. For instance, tightness in the lower back or restricted range of motion in the hips might put too much tension on the knees, which can be uncomfortable. These kinds of problems can be resolved with chiropractic care, allowing you to live pain-free.

Types of Knee Pain
Here are some of the common causes of knee pain:


What causes arthritis? A deformity can lead to arthritis in the knee, obesity, or repetitive stress injuries from sports are the culprits. Symptoms include stiffness or locking joints.

Although it can also affect other systems like muscles, tendons, and ligaments, arthritis frequently results in problems with the knee joint. The most prevalent type of arthritis in the knee, osteoarthritis, is brought on by the gradual deterioration of the joint’s cartilage. In addition to inflaming the joint, rheumatoid arthritis frequently results in the surrounding cartilage being destroyed.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS or IT band syndrome)

The most common cause of tendon inflammation and subsequent rubbing against the outer knee bone is prolonged overuse, such as during sports training.

Meniscus Injuries

The meniscus, the cushion of your joint, is susceptible to injuries from sudden twists or quick rotations of the upper leg. It can also be caused by repetitive rotations of the knee while bearing weight.

Osgood-Schlatter Disease

Recurrent strain or stress on the upper tibia is the cause of this ailment. Inflammation can occur in the patellar tendon and soft tissues around its attachment to the tibia. Boys in their preteen years who play sports involving a lot of running or leaping are especially vulnerable to this illness.

Referred Pain

Hip joints, low back facet joints, sacroiliac joints, and the muscles surrounding the knee are frequently the source of referred pain. It may also arise from a malfunction of the surrounding joints in the feet, hips, and pelvis, or from nerve compression in the lower back, pelvis, and thigh.

What to Expect When You See a Chiropractor

An examination of all the anatomical components is necessary when pain seems to be emanating from the knee. Due to their direct impact on the knee and vice versa, the low back, pelvis, hip, ankle, and foot must all be evaluated. In order to provide an accurate diagnosis and develop a treatment plan, chiropractors gather extensive medical history information and conduct a thorough physical and biomechanical examination. A customized care plan will be provided to every patient. Nonetheless, based on our observations, a lot of patients with knee discomfort benefit from some or all of the following chiropractic care for knee pain:

Reduce joint inflammation and reduce pain

We may recommend ice to reduce inflammation, muscle spasms and pain. Also, to expedite and promote soft tissue healing, we may use a laser, ultrasound, and interferential therapy.

Normalize joint function

Chiropractic manipulation and mobilization procedures can be used to do this in restricted movement locations, like the knee and any nearby joints that are impacted. This enhances mobility, enhances function, and lessens discomfort. In addition, we might suggest cross-friction, trigger point therapy, and deep soft tissue massages.

Rehabilitation through an exercise program

When fitting, we use exercises to help you improve stability, strength, and endurance. We also work on improving your balance. This will help you to return to normal and prevent injuries.

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