5 ASICS Sportstyle Picks to Boost Your Winter Wellness

As winter blankets the world with its crisp embrace, the importance of comfortable and stylish footwear becomes paramount for those determined to defy the chill and prioritize their wellness. ASICS, a trailblazer in the athletic footwear industry, has once again raised the bar with its latest Sportstyle arrivals. Today, let’s explore five trendsetting picks that not only elevate your style but also enhance your winter fitness journey. These exclusive selections are available for purchase on their online platform, where every shoe redefines the meaning of most comfortable running shoes and embodies the perfect synergy of fashion and functionality.

Elevate Your Winter Wellness in Style with ASICS Sportstyle’s Top 5 Picks!

Step into the season with confidence and explore the pinnacle of winter wellness fashion with their Sportstyle’s curated selection of top 5 picks for a stylish and active you.


The EX89™ sneaker seamlessly merges the vintage charm of the 1989 GEL-EXTREME basketball shoe with contemporary comfort. Originally conceived by Toshikazu Kayano, the layered leather upper showcases vibrant color blocking reminiscent of iconic NBA team uniforms from the era. Our FF BLAST™ technology elevates the cushioning system, complemented by a sculpted heel for enhanced everyday comfort. Drawing inspiration from the designer’s inaugural U.S. business trip in 1987, the outsole’s pattern mimics a cityscape view from the sky, ensuring functional grip. Immerse yourself in a fusion of heritage and innovation, walking confidently with a stylish nod to the past.


The JOGGER X81™ sneaker, inspired by their collection of jogging shoes, embodies a commitment to sustainability and performance. In homage to Japan’s recycling practices, it incorporates recycled paper, synthetic leather, and polyester, making a positive environmental impact. Evolving the cushioning structure from the ULTIMATE shoe, the design optimizes stability and comfort through strategically sized perforations. Meanwhile, the Caldera outsole, influenced by Hawaiian volcanoes, not only adds a unique touch but serves a functional purpose, preventing soil buildup during off-road runs. This shoe is the epitome of men’s footwear that seamlessly blends innovation, sustainability, and performance for a conscious and stylish stride.


This shoe is the fusion of basketball heritage and is considered a contemporary evolution of the 1981 classic, and reimagines the iconic design with heightened cushioning properties. The layered leather upper boasts elevated accent details, allowing for distinctive color blocking combinations. The sole’s platform tooling incorporates cutting-edge GEL™ technology, delivering advanced underfoot comfort tailored for the demands of the modern lifestyle.Now you can immerse yourself in a harmonious blend of timeless style and innovative features, as this sneaker seamlessly marries heritage aesthetics with the comfort demanded by today’s discerning footwear enthusiasts.


This sneaker is defined as the fusion of heritage and innovation with the EX89™ sneaker, a tribute to the 1989 GEL-EXTREME™ basketball shoe by ASICS. Crafted by Toshikazu Kayano in the late ’80s, this shoe showcases layered leather construction and vibrant color blocking reminiscent of NBA team uniforms. The FF BLAST™ technology updates the cushioning system, complemented by a sculpted heel for everyday comfort. This branded men’s shoe harmonizes iconic design with contemporary performance, inviting you to stride confidently through daily scenarios, embodying both style and comfort in every step.


The GEL-LYTE® V is derived from the Japanese concept of “Godai,” this sneaker embodies the five elements in Japanese philosophy. Crafted with leather, nubuck, and suede overlays, each colorway mirrors the physical attributes of Fire, Water, Earth, Void, and Wind. Accentuated with a coin dubrae embossed with the corresponding element’s Japanese symbol, the design pays homage to cultural symbolism. The wavy tooling, originating from its 1993 debut, remains, while the midsole incorporates at least 20% recycled materials, aligning with sustainable manufacturing practices.


Their latest Sportstyle arrivals are a celebration of comfort, style, and functionality, making them the ideal companions for your winter wellness journey. From the stability-focused GEL-LYTE® V to the heritage-inspired JAPAN S™ ST, each pick reflects ASICS’ dedication to delivering shoes that go beyond expectations.

For those eager to defy the winter chill while embracing the latest trends, their online platform provides a seamless experience to buy footwear online. Now you can glam up your winter fitness routine with the perfect blend of fashion and function, courtesy of their Sportstyle collection because wellness should never compromise on style.


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