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Why Certificate III in Health Services Assistance is a Must?

There’s always a growing demand for professionals in medical field careers. Health crises and emergencies occur all the time, and for the medical system to stand strong, it requires educated and dedicated assistants to keep it moving. People aspiring to start a career in the healthcare sector should first acquire a Certificate III in allied health assistance. This qualification helps candidates with practical skills to work effectively in the field. It falls under level 3 of the Australian Qualifications framework.

What does getting a Certificate III in healthcare involve?

A Cert III allied health assistance helps students gain the necessary skills to work in institutions and environments like clinics, residential care homes, hospitals, hospices, etc. This involves using your specialist knowledge to carry out daily activities and responsibilities within these institutions. Some of the key areas on which allied health professions focus are:

  • Supervising and coordinating the teams within the organization
  • Maintaining direct contact and communication with patients
  • Cleaning and disease prevention and control
  • Food preparation and timely distribution
  • Transportation facilities for patients
  • Inventorying 
  • Managing waste and segregating different kinds of medical byproducts with utmost care

Apart from these hands-on skills, students will also learn about the soft skills needed to implement their knowledge and work in harmony with their team. In fact, in medical facilities, a healthcare assistant needs to be able to think on their feet and have strong critical appraisal and proactivity, which can make a huge difference in people’s quality of life and treatment.

It is necessary to choose your institution carefully so that they can provide environmental simulations and hands-on experiences to train you for real-life, high-stress situations and medical emergencies.

What educational qualifications does a Cert III in healthcare require?

Like any other academic qualification, the Health Assistant course Perth also has some prerequisites for enrollment. However, these aren’t too extensive, making this field fairly accessible to most people. Some of the requirements for the Audiologist Aide course and adjacent are:

  • Be proficient in reading and writing. This requires students to complete a language, literacy, and Numeracy Skills (LLN) evaluation. 
  • Students have to attend a pre-training interview to make sure they are suitable for this job
  • You must have clear police records, which you must prove through a police check.
  • Be an adult or at least 18 years of age
  • Before any placements, you must acquire a volunteer Working With Children’s Check. 
  • You must provide proof of certain vaccinations listed in the course literature.
  • You should have adequate technical and digital skills to be able to operate the equipment seamlessly.

With all these qualifications, anyone can enrol in a Physiotherapist Aide course and kick start their career in healthcare assistance.

What jobs can you get as a healthcare practitioner? 

There are various areas in which an allied health practitioner can take their career. In fact, 14% of the entire Australian workforce is a part of the health and assistance industry. This is necessary to meet the gaps in demand and skills in the field. The pressure on the industry has been mounting in the past years, and it is predicted to boil over into a major workforce shortage. That’s why students must be vigilant of job opportunities in the medical field. Some of the potentials are:

  • Nursing Assistant 

In this role, you will be working in a medical facility. You will work with doctors and other professionals to ensure the patients receive high standards of care. This falls under the responsibilities of nurses to patients and includes monitoring vitals, administering medicines, and making sure their comfort and needs are met adequately. It also includes assistance in eating, bathing, cleaning, etc. All of these skills are taught in nursing courses for beginners.

  • Patient Service Assistant

This is an overarching role that requires planning and executing the overall care for patients in medical facilities. The allied health assistant roles and responsibilities in this case include monitoring and reporting changes in the patient’s health, vitals, etc. It also considers patient and client feedback and helps them complete necessary documents and paperwork. 

  • Ward Assistant

This role generally pertains to wards within nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, etc. Their responsibilities are similar to that of nursing assistants. However, they also have to perform administrative duties such as managing and delivering equipment and linen, keeping the ward clean, etc.

Why should you choose a career in healthcare assistance?

According to the Care Workforce Market Study held by the Australian government, it predicts a workforce shortfall of 200,000 workers by 2050 in the healthcare field. That’s why it is more important than ever for students to choose careers in this field to end their expertise. Hospital training courses can help foster improvement in medical technology, rural accessibility care for the disabled, chronically ill and elderly, etc.

 In fact, 16.3% of the entire Australian population is above the age of 65. This is a major demographic shift marker that requires new technologies and medical interventions to care for chronic diseases, age-related conditions, and specialized care. Healthcare assistants are crucial for operating and maintaining health services geared toward people with special needs. 

Further, the career mentioned above and growth opportunities also make a course in healthcare management worth it.

Summing up

With the increasing need for more healthcare workers in Australia, students must choose the correct education and institutions for their patient care assistant courses. Wesley Training is one of Australia’s foremost health training organizations aimed at simultaneously fostering better care and careers. Check out their courses for early enrollments today!

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