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Catheters and Their Importance

A catheter is a tube you insert into the urinary bladder, enabling urine to drain freely. Healthcare professionals deploy catheters to rest the urinary bladder post-surgery, especially bladder, urinary tract, or bowel surgery. In a broad sense, a catheter is a thin tube made of medical-grade materials used to access, drain, or manage bodily fluids. The tube is flexible, allowing insertion into various body parts to assist with multiple medical procedures.

Let’s examine the usage, various benefits, and a catheter price.

Need for Catheters

Catheters are needed for various purposes in the medical field, with one significant purpose being draining urine from the bladder. They are also needed to deliver medications or fluids to specific body parts, measure blood vessel pressure, and provide access to surgical procedures.


Natural openings or surgical incisions are used to insert catheters into the body. The typical areas of insertion include: 

  • The urethra for urinary catheters
  • The abdomen for peritoneal catheters
  • Blood vessels for vascular catheters 

The insertion method depends on the purpose and the type of catheter needed.

Types of Catheters 

Various types of catheters are available for specific purposes. If we restrict ourselves to the urinary type, we will find three main types:

  • Indwelling catheter
  • Condom catheter or external catheter
  • Intermittent self-catheter

An indwelling urinary catheter is inserted and left in place in the urinary bladder. A water-filled balloon holds the catheter securely in the bladder, preventing it from falling out. Indwelling catheters are also called Foley catheters. Catheter types also include central venous catheters, arterial catheters, and peritoneal catheters.

A condom or external catheter fits like a condom over the penis and collects urine. It is attached to a tube that ends up in a collection bag. 

Individuals faced with bladder control challenges may need to execute self-catheterization to empty the bladder. Under this process, a catheter is used to drain urine at regular intervals. Intermittent urinary catheters can be used at home, but someone trained to manage them should be around.

Point to note: All types of catheters are designed for one-time use. A reused catheter can enhance the risk of infection and may lead to further complications. Proper disposal guidelines must be followed when using catheters.

Benefits of Using Catheters

Catheters offer several benefits, and they include: 

  • Superior comfort: Catheters are designed to provide maximum comfort as they are usually inserted into the body.
  • Secure and leak-proof: They are designed to prevent leaks and fit securely. The user can move around doing their daily activities without worrying about leakages and undue embarrassment.
  • Variety to suit various needs: Catheters are available in various sizes, types, and different materials, enabling the user to choose what makes them comfortable and serves their specific needs.
  • Relieves pressure on kidneys: A catheter is essential for someone who cannot empty their bladder. Urine build-up can put pressure on the kidneys and even cause kidney failure if they don’t use a catheter.

Catheters can be used for long periods if maintained properly. Remember, absolute cleanliness is essential when using these devices. You must ensure no conducive environment for bacteria to enter and flourish.


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