Canada Study Visa Processing Time After Biometrics Submission

Just applied for your Canada study visa? Now all you are waiting for is to get your application processed on time. For some coming here can be faster and for some, it can get late as well. You cannot measure the time because this depends on your application process.

Why do you need biometrics to Immigrate to Canada as a student? Because this allows the authorities to process your application with more efficiency. Also, it helps in the streamlining of occupation especially for the low-risk ones.

Your photos and signatures are also digitally submitted when it comes to this visa. Only after you submit your biometrics, can your process for Canada PR visa begin. You need to give them to a Visa Application Center. This is decided by the government of Canada.

The calculations and measurements of humans are done by biometrics as a whole. Your biometrics can differ from time to time because the biometrics of a body change with time. But change takes decades so one submission can stand for a long time.

Time Taken for Canada Study Visa Processing After Submitting Biometrics

Those who have submitted an impressive SOP along with all the applications, have chances of receiving their study visa in 12 to 15 days. However, the average time to get your Canada visa for study is somewhere between 3 to 4 months.

At times, most of the time taken to get this visa depends on the visa officer to whom your visa application goes. So make sure that with the help of a study-abroad consultant, you can make a successful submission.

Stamping of your visa can take from 2 to 3 months in total. Extra security clearance checks on your background are one of the ways. Also, processing times can be based on which country you are coming from and have submitted.

The beginning of the study terms can result in the volume of applications, which can result in the delay in processing of applications. Most of the processing times can also be checked on the website for the IRCC.

Any real-time updates will be mentioned on this site. Make sure that all of the applications are complete and have no missing documents. Because during the processing of your visa, every detail is checked and verified. Do not make any false claims which can hamper this process in any way.

Types of Study Permit Processing Time After Biometric Submission

  1. Student Direct Stream – Once your biometrics are submitted and received by the IRCC it is only a matter of 20 days within which you can get your application.
  2. Regular study permit – In case your study permit application under the student direct stream is not processed you can go for this regular course. Around 7 to 10 weeks will be taken for the processing of this kind of study permit after biometrics.

Why Go for a Biometrics Appointment?

The appointment of biometrics is to establish your identity and its verification. Your fingerprints and photographs are a part of the biometric submission process. Also, when biometrics are taken it is seen whether or not you meet the criteria of immigration to Canada.

You will receive a Biometric Instruction Letter when you come for the appointment. Do not forget to carry all the necessary documents, when you come for a biometrics appointment. A successful biometric submission will ensure that the process of your Canada study visa application is quick and easy.

Why you need to go for a Biometrics appointment, is to help authorities with all the necessary background checking. Carry your photos and give them your fingerprints. Almost all Canada visa applications need biometrics to verify your existence as a genuine study aspirant.

How to Get an Appointment for a Biometrics for Study in Canada?

Getting an appointment should be one of your first steps towards submission of biometrics. Going to the right website and platform of immigration helps you get a biometric appointment on time. Reaching the consulate or the embassy office should not be much of an issue, so manage that.

Just make sure that you are following the entire biometric process will diligence and truthfulness. That way your study in Canada dreams can come true without any roadblocks. Ask questions if you have, to your study visa consultant before you go for a biometric interview.

Having the wrong information can stretch the immigration process while the right one will get you a Canada study visa within a short period. Just be patient if you have taken the correct course of action. Also, make sure you meet all the qualification requirements for getting a student visa.

How Long are Your Biometrics Valid for Canada Study Visa?

Biometrics need to be submitted every 10 years, so this is not like a weekly or a monthly affair. If in case you have submitted your biometrics for your study visa application recently, you can stay free for 10 years at least. What more? Since these biometrics are valid for a minimum of 10 years, they can be used for submission for other kinds of Canada visa applications.

Once You Get Your Biometrics, What Happens Next?

  1. Get it approved –  Upon the approval of your application what you receive is a Port of entry letter. This is like a letter of introduction. In other cases, you get a visitor visa or an eTA (electronic travel authorization), or a visitor visa.
  1. Coming to the port of entry – Upon your arrival in Canada what you need to submit is your POE letter to the border officer. You can even give your electronic authorization to the immigration officer if it is required.
  1. Get your Canada study permit – Your study permit visa will be printed by the immigration officer, that too at the port of entry.


Always keep your documents ready and in correct condition if want your biometric information to be successful. If you still have doubts you can connect with the Best Study abroad Consultant in India called Nationwide Visas.

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