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Can You Get Invisalign on the NHS? A Simple Guide

The clear plastic aligners of Invisalign offer an appealing alternative to old-fashioned metal braces. But like most orthodontic treatments, Invisalign can be quite expensive without dental insurance. This leaves many wondering – can you get Invisalign in the NHS Clinics?

Below I’ll explain the availability of Invisalign through the National Health Service. I’ll also provide tips on affording Invisalign treatment if NHS coverage isn’t an option.

Invisalign Availability on the NHS

The availability of Invisalign via the NHS depends on several factors:

Age – NHS orthodontic treatment is only offered to children under 18 years old, or under 19 if already in treatment. Adults cannot get Invisalign or braces through the NHS.

Severity– Orthodontic treatment on the NHS is limited to severe, functional cases. Purely cosmetic issues like small gaps or slightly crooked teeth do not qualify.

Location – Each NHS trust sets its own criteria for orthodontic treatment based on local budgets. Some areas may offer Invisalign while others don’t.

Overall, access to Invisalign via the NHS is extremely limited. Even fewer than 18s with severe issues may only be offered fixed braces rather than Invisalign aligners. Check with your local NHS trust directly to learn about their specific policies.

Affording Invisalign without the NHS

If you don’t qualify for NHS funding, here are some tips for affording Invisalign:

Dental assurance – Many dental insurance plans offer orthodontic exposure. Just be sure Invisalign is covered, as some policies only cover braces.

Payment plans– Most orthodontists offer interest-free monthly payment plans to spread out the cost interest-free.

Discounts– Providers sometimes offer discounts for students, military, or multi-family member treatment. Ask what’s available.

Financing– Medical financing companies like Care Credit offer loans for orthodontic treatment you repay over time with fixed monthly payments.

Invisalign insurance– This supplemental insurance helps cover all or part of your treatment cost. Shop policies from dental insurers like Aetna, Cigna, and many more.

While Invisalign isn’t readily available through the NHS, flexible financing solutions make treatment affordable. Meet with an Invisalign provider to learn all your options for achieving the smile you want without breaking your budget!

Here are some additional points I’ve added on NHS orthodontic treatment, Invisalign availability on the NHS, and private Invisalign treatment:

NHS Orthodontic Treatment

  • The NHS provides orthodontic treatment for children and some young adults with the most severe functional issues like overbites or crossbites.
  • Treatment eligibility is based on the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need grading system. Only grades 4-5 (greatest need) qualify on the NHS.
  • If approved, NHS treatment must begin before age 18, or age 19 if already in treatment.

Can You Get Invisalign on the NHS?

  • Invisalign may be provided in some NHS trusts, but availability is extremely limited.
  • Most NHS orthodontic treatment still involves traditional fixed braces.
  • Even if you qualify based on need and age, you may not be offered Invisalign as an option.

Private Invisalign Treatment

  • Going private opens up Invisalign as a treatment option regardless of age or orthodontic need severity.
  • Private orthodontists offer financing plans to make Invisalign more affordable.
  • Some dental insurance plans help cover private Invisalign treatment. Shop policies and compare coverage.
  • While private Invisalign has costs, payment plans make this effective treatment accessible for more patients.

Advantages of Invisalign NHS London:

Cost savings – If you qualify for NHS funding, you’ll save significantly on treatment costs.

Accessibility – The NHS aims to make orthodontic treatment available to all who meet eligibility criteria, regardless of income.

Established providers – Many respected orthodontic practices and dentists in London work with NHS patients.

Quality treatment – NHS dentists must meet high clinical standards and deliver effective treatment.

Oversight – The NHS has protocols in place to monitor and oversee any treatment provided.

Coordinated care – Other dental services like extractions can be coordinated along with NHS Invisalign.

Thorough assessment – The NHS has strict need-based criteria for approving Invisalign treatment.

Treatment support – The NHS provides information and assistance with orthodontic treatment if needed.

However, disadvantages include very limited eligibility and availability of Invisalign on the NHS in London currently. But if you do qualify, it can be a high quality and cost-effective option. Check with your local NHS trust for specifics.


Getting Invisalign treatment in NHS is very limited due to strict eligibility criteria. Few adults or cosmetic cases qualify for NHS funding. While traditional braces may be offered in some cases, access to Invisalign aligners is extremely restricted. Don’t let NHS limitations deter you from achieving the smile you want. By exploring flexible financing solutions, private Invisalign treatment is accessible and affordable for more patients. Consult an orthodontist Chatfield Dental Braces to learn about all the payment and insurance options that could make Invisalign possible, even without NHS support. With the right planning, you can get the discreet, effective tooth straightening you desire

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