Can You Change Passenger Name On KLM?

Yes, Travelers who unintentionally committed mistakes when filling out their booking forms are the target audience for the KLM name change policy. The policy charges little or no cost to help them make the necessary repairs. Continue reading to discover more about each element of the KLM name change or correction policy.

What Are Rules For KLM Name Change Policy?

Passengers must abide by the rules pertaining to KLM Airlines’ name correction/change policy in order to guarantee a simple and hassle-free procedure for altering the name on the ticket.

  • There should be a match between the name on the ticket and the identification the government gave. 
  • If the booking is not made on the official website, the client cannot seek a name change through official representatives. 
  • A passenger cannot give another individual their ticket, implying that changing ownership is strictly forbidden. 
  • With KLM Airlines, name changes can be made up to 30 hours before departure. 
  • If you decide to alter your inaccurate name after the risk-free time, the KLM name change fee will be deducted from the percentage of your ticket price. 
  • On the day of departure, name changes are not allowed.
  • The reward tickets are not affected by KLM’s name change on the ticket facility. To obtain information about this, passengers can call KLM Airlines’ phone number, which is open 24/7. 
  • A passenger flying a different partner airline can seek a name change on their KLM ticket up to 72 hours before departure.
  • Verify that your reservation was booked through legitimate channels in order to start the KLM name change procedure.

Use Of KLM Name Change Policy

The aircraft industry is the pinnacle of achievement. No erroneous data is utilized in order to give you the best possible travel experience. Inaccurate name information on the PNR is one of the most often but important events in the domain.

  • It is against DoT rules to board the aircraft if your name is misspelled on your ticket.
  • The laws state that the name on all of your documents, including your passport, photo ID from the government, and ticket, must match.
  • When making reservations, exercise caution to avoid foolish mistakes that might lead to major issues during check-in.
  • In addition, you could have to wait at the airport for unspecified hours until the case is resolved.
  • It may also cause a flight to be canceled in specific situations.

What Type Of Name Changes Are Allowed In KLM Airlines?

  • Minor Name Correction: KLM usually allows passengers to have their names corrected for small spelling mistakes.
  • Accepted Changes: Acceptable alterations include correcting errors, removing titles (such as Mr. or Mrs.), and changing the first and last name sequence.
  • Significant Alterations: Airlines frequently prohibit significant revisions, such as full name changes and transfers to another individual.
  • Special Approval And Costs: Passengers may require special approval from the airline, and fees may be imposed for significant revisions.

How To Change Name On KLM Flight?

There are several ways that you can change your name. Nonetheless, the changes have to be completed in the allotted period. Look over the following details to understand more about the several ways that KLM offers name corrections:

KLM Name Change Via Website

The official online method listed below can be used by non-techies to repair misspelled or inaccurate names on tickets: 

  • Go to
  • Use your credentials to access your account.
  • Use the tab labeled “Manage Booking.”
  • Enter your last name and booking number now.
  • On the page that follows, you can see the list of reservations. Pick the appropriate one.
  • Before submitting the name, make any necessary edits and double-check it.
  • You might also need to attach a document.
  • You will then need to pay the relevant charge, assuming you qualify.
  • Airlines will finally send you a confirmation email.

KLM Name Correction On Call

In addition to utilizing the official website, you may also get in touch with someone at KLM Airlines’ contact number to have a misspelled name on an already-booked ticket corrected.

  • Enter (800) 618-0104, the KLM Airlines contact number. Alternatively, for quick fixes, give +1-800-865-1848 (Available 24/7) a call to speak with a travel specialist.
  • Select the option to modify your name from the list of possibilities.
  • Speak with the authorities.
  • Your name will be corrected by the agency. They will, however, verify your eligibility for the KLM name change policy.
  • Don’t forget to verify the name twice. Request that the agent spell your name.
  • Please accept the directive and submit your response.
  • Pay the KLM name change charge if required.
  • Until your new, corrected e-ticket is issued, the agent will help you.

KLM Name Alteration Via Chat

If travelers are unable to contact the airline over the phone, they have the option to use the web chat service. The simplest way to modify your KLM name is to use a chat service. Airlines allow their customers to utilize their online chat service for a whole day. You can follow the directions if you can’t find their web chat service.

  • Visit the airline’s official website.
  • To reach the name change policy webpage, go to the KLM website’s Contact Us page and follow the following steps.
  • Once you access their policy page, you may use the chat box to request that the name of the KLM flight on the ticket be changed.
  • Apply revisions at least 30 hours before the journey’s scheduled departure time to avoid incurring costs.
  • A fresh airline ticket will be sent to the email address you provided during registration.

How Much Is KLM Name Change Fee?

KLM frequently offers free name change procedures. The process is often free, but it could cost relatively little in some situations. A KLM name change on your ticket is free if you request it at least 30 hours before departure. If you are flying with a partner airline, the risk-free period expires 72 hours before departure.

A service fee equivalent to a small portion of the booking price will be assessed by the airline if you request a name change for your KLM ticket after the risk-free period has elapsed.

Wrapping Up!

Passengers can alter their name on a KLM ticket by following the above-mentioned guidelines. To learn more about “can you change passenger name on KLM?” Call KLM Airlines’ official helpline number at 1 (800) 618-0104. Dial +1-800-865-1848 to get help from a consolidation desk.

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