Can Intel vPro Be Your Secret Weapon Of Business Growth?

Intel vPro is a technology platform from Intel that can give your business a competitive advantage. It offers robust security, manageability, and performance features to help you control your assets and protect data.

vPro processors have wide-ranging commercial applications. It can be found on a wide range of mobile and desktop devices. With advanced Intel vPro technology, IT departments can seamlessly handle heavy data demands. Intel recently introduced several vPro changes and improvements. These changes coincide with the 11th Gen Intel vPro Core Mobile CPU and the 12th Gen Intel Core Desktop CPU.

With the continuous trend, more and more companies are moving towards remote work technology, but Intel focused on expanding its vPro platform. It offers companies performance beyond capacity.

Intel has now divided its vPro platforms into the below-mentioned categories:

Intel vPro Enterprise for Windows:

It is the standard platform, with all the modern functionalities of the vPro platform. This technology is intended for large companies and enterprises that need current security and management tools. According to Intel, “This technology is suitable for formal PC purchasing practices.

  • Intel vPro basics:

It provides device and security management for vPro-enabled companies. Get standard manageability for device management with the Intel Core vPro Hardware Shield.

  • Intel vPro Enterprise for Chrome:

This technology is designed specifically for a new class of Chromebooks. This provides complete and standardized security for organizations in multidimensional environments.

Advantages Of Intel vPro Processors:

  • Advanced Security:

This comes in the form of multi-factor authentication, full disk encryption, and remote secure erase technology. With supply chain visibility and traceability of PC components, advanced memory scanning, and hardware-based support for Windows security services, businesses can track fruitful results. This technology can quickly deliver software fixes for critical vulnerabilities on managed PCs.

  • Good performance:

It offers excellent computing performance that is 2.5 times higher than graphics performance, which is 30 times higher. Intel vPro is a platform that enables improved stability. Managed IT systems reduce IT costs with remote management and troubleshooting capabilities.

It has built-in features like Intel Authenticate and discrete Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chips and better performance.

  • Remotely manage devices:

Intel Active Management Technology refers to hardware and firmware for remote out-of-band management. This technology allows companies to update and repair equipped devices automatically.

Additionally, the Intel Stable IT Platform Program (Intel® SIPP) provides platform validation that aims to ensure no hardware changes throughout the purchase cycle for at least 15 months or until the release of the next generation.

  • Lower IT costs:

Intel vPro’s remote access capabilities make it easy for IT teams to manage systems from any location at any time without investing in additional hardware or software solutions or incur travel costs for site visits. Additionally, the built-in security features help reduce the cost of purchasing separate software solutions for security purposes and give you peace of mind that your data is protected from malicious attacks or cybercrimes.

  • Improved collaboration:

Intel vPro enables users to collaborate more effectively through remote meetings using audio/video conferencing tools such as Skype or Microsoft Teams and file-sharing tools such as Dropbox or Google Drive, which can be accessed securely without impacting system performance or data integrity.

Additionally, these tools enable teams in different locations worldwide to easily collaborate on projects without spending money on travel expenses or time away from their families due to long trips from home base offices.

  • Multi-layered security:

The Intel Hardware Shield offers professionals a high level of security. It provides integrated PC protection, including operating system security, application privacy, and threat detection. With the help of this technology, you can rely on comprehensive security to protect your business processes.

  • Professional performance:

Intel vPro processors range from ultralight laptops to high-performance workstations. With the help of Intel Core processors at the heart​. Intel vPro Processors deliver industry-leading performance tailored to the workloads and applications most commonly used by business professionals.

  • Due to advanced in-built functionalities, Intel vPro processor systems cost more than their standard counterparts.
  • vPro-enabled laptops help large enterprises. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t buy a business-focused laptop with a vPro chip. Many of the best business laptops on the market have customization options for vPro and non-vPro configurations.
  • When shopping for a business-focused laptop, you can get many security-focused functions like an IR camera, fingerprint reader, and privacy screen.
  • Intel vPro is available for up to Intel 12th Gen core mobile and 11th Gen Xeon workstations and mobile processors. There’s also a crossover with Intel’s new Evo platform, which combines the security management of vPro with responsiveness, battery life, and overall performance.


  • Enhanced Security:

It is in the form of multi-factor authentication, full disk encryption, and remote secure-erase technology. Thanks to the three times more powerful battery than a five-year-old system. This offers 2.5% more computing performance and outstanding graphics performance, which is 30% more powerful than their previous counterparts.

  • Remote Management of Devices:

With the help of Intel’s Active Management Technology, you can perform remote updates and repairs on equipped devices. The vPro processors are specially designed to meet the growing demands of modern businesses. This is ideal for running Windows 10 Enterprise software. Implementing a vPro environment is easy. It starts with equipping your IT business team with vPro-enabled devices.

However, Intel vPro chipsets like Xeon processors can be found on several computing platforms, combining mobile phones and desktops. 

Bottom Line:

Intel vPro technology offers laptop users several benefits, including remote flexibility, standard security management, state-of-the-art processing, etc.

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