Breakdowns of shower: How to fix a shower ?

Possible breakdowns of shower and ways to eliminate them

The most common breakdowns of shower plumbing is a leak. Typically, a shower leaks due to poor-quality connections of components, damage to the hose or joints, or destruction of the sealant or gasket. In addition to leaks, there are other breakdowns, but leaks are the most common. You can fix this unpleasant breakdown with your own hands by repairing the shower yourself.

Leaking joints on the hose


The spray head of a hand shower becomes unusable more often than other elements due to its design features. This shower part has plastic and rubber parts in its design (in particular the hose itself), which, although protected by a metal shell, often need to be fixed. There are several reasons why a shower hose leaks at the junction with a

  • watering can or in another place:defect at the joints;
  • drying out of rubber and its destruction;
  • deformation of hoses;
  • Crack inside the rubber “gut” of the shower hose;
  • damage to the rubber gasket;
  • hose fracture.

If a leak in the shower occurs precisely at the joints, it is possible to repair the battery at home without special tools. Sometimes, the cause of a leak is a poorly tightened shower nut – in this case, it needs to be drawn with a wrench. Replacing the rubber gasket, which can be purchased as a spare part at a plumbing store, may also help. The destruction of a plastic or metal part cannot be repaired; usually, in this case, a complete replacement of the shower hose and sprayer is necessary. Don’t let a leaky shower ruin your bathroom! Get fast, reliable leaking shower repairs Melbourne from experienced professionals.

Hose is leaking


Suppose water flows out of the hose before it reaches the shower head or the shower leaks from under the shower head. In that case, the pressure power decreases, and comfortable bathing becomes impossible. If the leak occurs in the hose itself, it is better to replace it entirely, but if desired, you can also repair it:

The inner rubber tube “gut” is poorly secured – the structure can be unscrewed, the tube can be fitted more tightly, and the joints can be treated with silicone sealant.
A defect or destruction of a rubber hose can also be eliminated by sealing, but this is more difficult, so most often, the hose with the sprayer or the entire faucet in the shower is completely replaced.

The hose has burst – in this case, repair is impossible, and a complete replacement of the shower mixer is required.
Usually, it does not lead to leakage, but damage to the outer braid of the hose is also a breakdown. If this happens and the metal shell becomes unusable, and because of this, the operation of the shower becomes dangerous, and other damage may occur, measures must be taken. The metal braid cannot be repaired; the entire structure must be replaced if it is damaged.


In the case of a mixer, the most common breakdown is damage to the sealing rubber. Corrosion of springs and switch parts failure of the cartridge and mixer components may also occur. The mixer is an expensive element of any shower, so its repair is advisable. You can repair a shower faucet using the following techniques:

  • Replacing the cartridge in the mixer – if the leak occurs due to damage or corrosion.
  • If there is a leak directly from the faucet, for repairs, it may be sufficient to replace the rubber O-rings, which are used not only in the design of the faucet but also in the hose, watering can, and tap.
  • Breakage of the spring in the switch is also not a critical failure – this component can be replaced by unscrewing the structure, changing the part, and reassembling the mixer.

Like a hose, a shower faucet can be repaired by replacing the leaking part of the rubber gasket and sealing the leak with sealant. To do this, you must disassemble the structure, find the fault, and replace the broken part. It is better to immediately change all rubber seals and seal the joints and damage.

If the screws are poorly secured due to wear of the sealing system and rubber base, the spool switch may break. Reproducing this part is not recommended, but instead, replacing it immediately. A leak in the spool can be fixed with sealant and spare O-rings, but new problems may arise with this part if it is not replaced.

The leakage problem can be solved in push-button faucets by replacing their components. A push-button shower switch may damage the rubber seal, spring, valve, or other part. If the problem arose specifically with the rubber seals, they can be replaced. It is better to replace the mixer completely for different types of faults.

You can replace only the switch if it is an expensive model. The spring that switches the water flow between the tap and the hose most often becomes unusable. Faucets with a cork system are repaired like others: if a leak occurs, the rubber O-rings can be replaced. If the cause of the breakdown is not the loss of the tightness of the structure but the destruction of some metal parts, then it is better to replace the mixer completely.

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Leak in the cabin


Over time, not only a faucet, hose, or watering can become unusable, but also a shower stall, tray, or drain. If puddles of water appear on the floor when visiting the shower room, then you need to check the shower for damage. The following design parts can leak in the rain:

  • Shower tray – This can be repaired using high-modulus silicone sealants.
  • Connections of plumbing fixtures, cabins, pans, hoses, and pipes – if the sealing was not carried out correctly, it is -enough to apply a sealant to the joints.
  • The junction of the walls with the booth – there may be a loose connection between the walls of the stalls, which can be eliminated at home using sealant.
  • Leaks in the water supply – parts of the pipeline or water heater may be damaged.
  • Damage to the pallet can also be corrected with sealant.

The most unpleasant breakdowns of shower is damage to the sewer system. If a leak occurs, the water flowing into the room will emit unpleasant odors. If the sewer system is malfunctioning, you should inspect the entire pipeline and first check the integrity of the joints connections and rubber gaskets. Often, it is enough to treat the damaged area with a sealant, but sometimes, a complete replacement of the sewer pipe structure or part is required.

Replacing a hose with a sprayer is the most common repair.

According to the observations of plumbers, the most common breakdown is damage to the shower hose or its adjacent parts: rupture of the core, cracks in the rubber, wear of the gasket, leaking shower head, and other problems. Sometimes, sealing the hose is necessary, which is enough, but a complete replacement of the hoses is often essential.

At a plumbing store, you can buy this shower accessory as a spare or for repairs from the manufacturer. The main thing is to avoid making a mistake with your purchase and purchase a shower hose with the appropriate length, diameter, and characteristics. The new shower hose should be the same as the old one – then the entire structure will last a long time, even after repair. Sometimes, it is enough to change only the rubber “gut” of the shower hose, as described in the video.

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