Best UK Universities with Affordable Rates for Pakistani Students

Studying in the United Kingdom is mostly a dream of every student due to its high-class education system. Along with the high cost of studying, living in the UK is also considered comparatively expensive. Therefore, everyone wants to pursue their higher education in the UK, but they are concerned about the high costs. While the costs of studying are certainly high in most of the UK institutes, there are still some low-cost options available.

By enrolling yourself in these affordable universities in the UK, you get a high-class education without compromising on quality. These institutes will easily allow international students to manage both their living expenses and tuition fees. Along with this, they also have a vast range of courses to choose from, catering to different student interests and needs. Also, with tons of different options to choose from, you can study in your preferred area and city in the UK.

Ready to start your next level of education in the UK? Here are the best UK universities with affordable rates.

What Are The Best Options For International Students?

Managing your expenses in the United Kingdom can get really hard if you choose any high-cost university. Additionally, most international students who study in the UK are from 3rd world countries and suffer from various financial situations. Also, students can’t get supported by their families due to the low exchange rate of 3rd world countries in the UK. Thus, in this student guide, you will find the top institutes in the UK with low study costs.

Ready to unleash your maximum potential by studying in your dream country? Here are the best cheap universities in the UK.

1.      University of Chester

The University of Chester features a vast range of student communities with over 12,000 students from 60 different countries. These students are currently enrolled in UOC’s various postgraduate and undergraduate courses. The international students in this institute are from different corners of the world, including the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

The university offers low-cost tuition fees ranging from £12,000 to £14,000 to help students from 3rd world countries settle in. This also covers their accommodation fees, which is the most raised concern of every student. Considering these low rates, students get in touch with study abroad consultants in Islamabad to help them with their admission procedures. Also, by getting in touch with consultants, your chances of applying are comparatively increased.

2.      Coventry University

Coventry is widely known among international students for being one of the most affordable institutes in the country. The institute was founded in 1843 and has maintained its high-quality education throughout all these years. Coventry has 2 different campuses and boasts a student population of 27,000 from different corners of the world.

Furthermore, the institution has received recognition for its research contribution in both national and international rankings. Along with affordable rates, Coventry also provides its students with various generous scholarship programs. International students can avail of these scholarships for annual funding ranging from 1500 GBP to 2500 GBP.

3.      University of Stirling

Although Stirling is a small university with around 6000 students currently enrolled, the institute has been renowned for its excellent education system while being the cheapest option in the country. International students can take various courses, including both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

The institute has received a 5-star rating from the QS world ranking due to its job preparedness, quality services, and education. Undergraduate students can start their education with the lowest prices, ranging around £12,000, and the postgraduates can expect about £13,000 – 18,000. Considering these prices, if you are looking for low prices, Stirling is your best option.

4.      University of Bedfordshire

This institute is based in England and is a research-centered institution. The University of Bedfordshire has 8 departments offering various education programs to its students. These departments include programs for Physical Sciences, Humanities, Arts, Business, Law and Engineering, Natural Sciences and more.

Bedfordshire is a top place opted for by international students due to its affordable tuition fees. The university currently has more than 20,000 students from 120 different countries. Therefore, it has a vast range of student communities and diverse cultures that create a friendly environment for international students.

5.      University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich is another great option that excels in providing excellent education to students. The university is home to a student population of over 14,000 students, and 38% of them are not from Europe. The institute has various options for international students and scholarship opportunities to help them minimize their expenses.

The institute has annual fees ranging from £13,000 – £15,000, depending on your program type. Considering this, students can study in their areas of interest with affordable rates being offered by Greenwich. Thus, students get in touch with study abroad consultants in Islamabad to help them avail of scholarship opportunities and take their studying expenses to a minimum.

How Can You Get Admission to These Universities?

Increase your chances of acceptance by crafting your admission application with the help of professional consultants. Get assistance for your pre-departure to post-arrival and get everything covered as you step into the UK. Contact now to get the help you need to pursue your education in the United Kingdom.

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