Best Things to do on Your Kazakhstan Trip

Exploring the Rich Cultural Tapestry

Kazakhstan, the ninth-largest country in the world, offers a wealth of experiences for travellers seeking adventure, history, and cultural immersion. From the vibrant urban centres to the vast steppe landscapes and majestic mountains, Kazakhstan captivates visitors with its diverse attractions and warm hospitality. Join wings my post on a journey as we explore some of the best things to do in this enchanting Central Asian nation.

1. Explore the Vibrant Capital, Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana):
Start your journey in Nur-Sultan, the modern capital of Kazakhstan. Marvel at the futuristic skyline dominated by iconic landmarks like the Bayterek Tower and the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center. Explore the city’s cultural heritage at the Central State Museum and the Kazakh Eli Monument, then stroll along the Ishim River promenade for stunning views of the cityscape on your Kazakhstan Trip.

2. Discover the Rich History of Almaty:
Journey to Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city and cultural capital. Explore the historic streets of the Old Town, where you can admire traditional Kazakh architecture and visit landmarks like the Ascension Cathedral and the Central Mosque. Don’t miss a trip to the Almaty Central Park and Kok Tobe Hill for panoramic views of the city and the surrounding mountains.

3. Experience Traditional Kazakh Hospitality in a Yurt:
Immerse yourself in Kazakh culture by spending a night in a traditional yurt. Head to the countryside and stay with a nomadic family to experience firsthand the hospitality and customs of the Kazakh people. Enjoy traditional meals, learn how to milk a horse, and listen to the mesmerizing melodies of the dombra around a crackling campfire under the starlit sky.

4. Marvel at the Beauty of Charyn Canyon:
Journey to Charyn Canyon, often referred to as the Grand Canyon’s little brother. Hike through the dramatic red rock formations, carved by the Charyn River over millions of years. Be sure to visit the Valley of Castles, where towering spires and steep cliffs create a surreal landscape reminiscent of a fairytale kingdom.

5. Explore the Silk Road Heritage in Turkestan:
Discover the ancient Silk Road city of Turkestan, home to the magnificent mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Marvel at the intricate tilework and stunning architecture of this 14th-century masterpiece, considered one of the most important Islamic monuments in Central Asia. Explore the bustling bazaars and narrow alleyways of the old town, where traders once bartered silk, spices, and precious goods.

6. Skiing and Snowboarding in the Tien Shan Mountains:
Hit the slopes in the Tien Shan Mountains, where world-class ski resorts offer thrills for winter sports enthusiasts. Head to Shymbulak Ski Resort near Almaty or the Altai Mountains in the east for excellent skiing and snowboarding conditions. With pristine powder snow and breathtaking alpine scenery, Kazakhstan’s ski resorts are a hidden gem for adventure seekers.

7. Visit the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi:
Journey to the ancient city of Turkistan to explore the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Kazakhstan’s most important historical monuments. Admire the intricate tilework and architectural grandeur of this 14th-century masterpiece, which stands as a testament to the region’s rich cultural heritage and spiritual significance.

8. Discover the Unique Flora and Fauna of the Altyn Emel National Park:
Embark on a safari adventure in the Altyn Emel National Park, home to a diverse array of plant and animal species. Explore the stunning landscapes of the Singing Dunes, where shifting sands create a haunting melody, and spot rare wildlife such as the wild argali sheep, goitered gazelle, and Central Asian tortoise.

9. Experience Traditional Kazakh Cuisine:
Indulge your taste buds in the rich flavors of Kazakh cuisine, which draws influences from nomadic traditions, Russian, and Central Asian cuisines. Sample local specialties like beshbarmak, a hearty dish of boiled meat served over noodles, or try shashlik, succulent skewered meats grilled to perfection. Don’t forget to wash it down with a glass of kumis, fermented mare’s milk, or a cup of fragrant Kazakh tea.

10. Attend the Nauryz Festival:
Experience the vibrant celebrations of Nauryz, the traditional Kazakh New Year festival celebrated on March 22nd. Join in the festivities as locals gather to enjoy music, dance, and traditional games, and savor delicious dishes like beshbarmak and baursak, fried dough balls. Witness colorful parades and cultural performances that showcase the rich heritage of Kazakhstan.

In conclusion, Kazakhstan offers a wealth of experiences for travelers seeking adventure, history, and cultural immersion. From the modern metropolis of Nur-Sultan to the ancient Silk Road cities of Almaty and Turkestan, from the majestic landscapes of Charyn Canyon to the snow-capped peaks of the Tien Shan Mountains, Kazakhstan captivates visitors with its diverse attractions and warm hospitality. So come, explore the wonders of Kazakhstan, and discover the treasures of this enchanting Central Asian nation.

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