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Best Study Abroad Places for Students from Kochi and Calicut

Kochi is a city in the southern part of the state of Kerala. Also, Calicut is one of the cities in the northern part of the same state. Both cities contribute a lot to Kerala’s total pool of study abroad aspirants. According to recent figures, around 30,000 students leave Kerala each year to pursue their schooling overseas. The best study abroad places for this state include Canada, Australia as well as Europe. Various overseas education consultants in Kochi also suggest these foreign cities. This is due to their high-quality learning options. You will learn more about the 3 most famous study abroad nations for aspirants from Kerala.

What Are the 3 Famous Study Abroad Nations and Why?

Every year, around 30,000 Kerala students travel abroad for higher studies. But do you know the most common places they usually opt for? Here is the list of the 3-famous countries between these aspirants with the reason why:

1. Canada:

The country, Canada, is the 2nd top nation with the maximum number of Indian students. Out of which, most of them are from Kerala. Also, Canada stands at the top of the list of best study abroad places for students from Kochi and Calicut. This is due to their top-quality learning and research-based institutes. This not only helps in better schooling, but also gives hands-on experience for skill development.

2. Australia:

Australia is one of the most favourite nations for Indian students to study abroad. Out of them, Kerala contributes a large number of aspirants learning in this country. Thus, Australia stands second in this list of famous study abroad nations by the Calicut study abroad agencies. This is because it has an affordable cost of living and tuition fees as well as, degrees from Australia-based institutes have global recognition.

3. United Kingdom:

The UK is one of the most famous countries for higher studies for students from India. The institutes in this nation rank in the list of top 10 universities worldwide. This is due to their top-notch schooling facilities as well as better research experience. Thus, the students from Kochi and Calicut opt for the UK-based institutes more. Hence, the UK is one of the best study abroad places for aspirants from Kochi and Calicut.

Top Universities for Students from Kochi and Calicut

The above countries are famous due to their top-quality learning and research options. According to the QS Rankings, the following are the top institutes in these nations for study abroad aspirants from Kerala:

1. University of Cambridge – UK:

The University of Cambridge is located in the city of Cambridge in the UK. It holds the 2nd rank in the list of top institutes worldwide. It has around 32 UG programs as well as, 285 PG programs for students to opt for. It is one of the most famous institutes among overseas education consultants in Kochi. They give world-class teaching and study environments to their students. Also, they offer the best resources and support their learning.

2. University of Oxford – UK:

One of the most prominent institutes of the decade is the University of Oxford. It is located in the city of Oxford in the UK. Also, it stands in the 3rd rank on the list of the world’s top institutes. It gives UG degrees in around 62 courses. Not only this but also it has around 347 PG programs for aspirants to apply in. Also, it is at the top of the list of best Europe University Rankings.

3. The University of Melbourne – Australia:

The University of Melbourne was founded in the year 1853. Based on the QS rankings, the institute stands 14th in the list of the best study abroad places worldwide. Also, it is 2nd oldest institute in Australia. This institute gives top-notch learning quality in various fields. They offer UG degrees in around 207 programs. Also, they give in total of 183 PG degree programs. The institute has its base in the city of Parkville, Australia.

4. The University of Sydney – Australia:

The University of Sydney is one of the world’s best research and teaching institutes. It is located in the city of Sydney, Australia. Moreover, it holds the 19th rank in the QS rankings of best institute worldwide. It offers 125 UG programs as well as 255 PG programs for the students to opt for. They have vibrant campus life and also top-notch teaching faculties for their aspirants. The institute offers the widest range of academic programs in Australia.

5. University of Toronto – Canada:

This institute was established in 1827 and is located in Toronto, Canada. It is also one of the oldest institutes in the world. Moreover, it is one of the top research-based institutes in the world. Thus, the University of Toronto ranks 19th in the list of QS rankings of the best institutes. They offer 174 PG degree programs as well as 8 UG degree programs to the students. The institute is very famous among overseas education consultants in Kochi. This is due to the top-quality facilities they offer to their students.

6. McGill University – Canada:

This institute only offers post-graduate programs to the students. Thus, with around 378 PG degree programs, the institute stands 30th in the QS rankings. Every year, students from over 150 nations come here for their masters in their field of interest. The institute is located in the city of Montreal, Australia. Also, it has the highest percentage of PhD students of any Canada-based research institute.


Since around 30,000 students leave Kerala each year to pursue their higher studies abroad, especially from Kochi and Calicut. It is a must to know about the top places to study abroad. This will aid you to know about the most common places for students from Kerala to travel to pursue their dreams. Out of these nations, Canada, Australia and the UK are more famous. Also, the institutes in these countries rank in the top 30 in the list of QS rankings worldwide. Also, these institutes offer top-notch quality learning and research. Thus, this will make them more suitable for the Calicut study abroad agencies to suggest their overseas aspirants.

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