Best SIP Plans for 3 Years and One-Time Investment Options

The clock is ticking, but your dreams don’t have to wait. Building wealth doesn’t always require marathon sprints – sometimes, a strategic turbocharge over 3 years can propel you towards financial freedom. But, the question whispers: SIPs or a one time investment Plan? 

This blog is your compass, guiding you through the investment jungle and helping you discover the perfect vehicle for your 3-year financial voyage.

Understanding Your Investment Needs: Know Yourself, Invest Wisely

Before you hit the investment gas pedal, a pit stop for self-assessment is crucial. Ask yourself:

  • Risk Appetite: Are you a thrill-seeker ready for market rollercoasters, or a cautious soul seeking smooth roads? This defines your comfort level with potential losses.
  • Financial Goals: Are you setting sail for a dream vacation, or anchoring for your child’s education? Clearly defined goals determine the investment amount and duration needed.
  • Investment Horizon: Time is your co-pilot, so understanding that 3 years is a sweet spot for short-term goals and long-term growth sets realistic expectations.
  • Financial Circumstances: Be honest about your income, expenses, and existing debts. This helps determine the amount you can realistically invest without going overboard.

By introspecting on these factors, you gain a clear understanding of your investment personality. Now, let’s delve into the engine room of options!

Exploring SIPs for 3 Years: The Steady Cruise Control

Imagine SIPs as your trusty auto-pilot, consistently investing small amounts like planting financial seeds. Over 3 years, these seemingly tiny deposits can blossom into a substantial corpus, thanks to the magic of compounding. But are SIPs the right fit for you? Let’s weigh the anchor:

Advantages of SIPs for 3 Years:

  • Disciplined Approach: SIPs are your silent cheerleader, encouraging regular investments and preventing impulsive spending, paving the way for financial responsibility.
  • Power of Compounding: Watch your investments snowball! Over time, even small amounts grow exponentially, thanks to compounding – earning returns on your returns.
  • Market Fluctuation Buffer: Don’t fear the choppy waters! SIPs average out market volatility, minimizing risks and providing stable growth even in a 3-year timeframe.

Best SIP Plan for 3 Years:

  • Equity SIPs: For adventurous investors seeking high returns, these invest in stocks of promising companies, offering significant growth potential but with higher risk.
Fund Name 3 Years Total Investment 


Total Return
Quant Small Cap Fund 41.77% ₹36000 ₹54,748
Quant Infrastructure Fund 38.37% ₹36000 ₹54,748
Nippon India Small Cap Fund 41.97% ₹36000 ₹39,222
HDFC Small Cap Fund Growth 38.16% ₹36000 ₹43076
Quant Tax Plan Growth 31.72% ₹36000 ₹47,368 

Debt SIPs: If stability is your mantra, these invest in government bonds and other fixed-income instruments, offering lower returns but also lower risk, ideal for conservative investors.

Fund Name 3- Yr Return Total Investment


Total Return
ICICI Prudential Banking & PSU Debt Fund 5% ₹36000 ₹39,341
DSP Banking & PSU Debt Fund 4% ₹36000 ₹38,676
Nippon India Corporate Bond Fund 5% ₹36000 ₹39,222
Invesco India Credit Risk Fund 5% ₹36000 ₹40,855
Aditya Birla Sun Life Credit Risk Fund  7% ₹36000 ₹40,492

Balanced SIPs: Seeking a middle ground? Balanced SIPs combine equity and debt in varying proportions, catering to moderate investors who want a blend of growth and stability.

One-Time Investment Plan for 3 Years:

While SIPs offer steady growth, sometimes you need a rocket-fueled burst to reach your destination faster. Enter the world of one-time investment options – your chance to inject a lump sum into powerful instruments and potentially reap quicker rewards within your 3-year horizon. But choose wisely, for not all paths lead to smooth sailing!

Popular One-Time Options for 3 Years:

  • Mutual Funds: Channel your investment energy into a curated basket of stocks or bonds, chosen by experts. Enjoy diversification and the potential for market-linked returns, but remember volatility can be higher than SIPs.
  • Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS): Tax benefits meet market excitement! ELSS invest in stocks while offering tax deductions, ideal for those seeking faster growth over 3 years with a 3-year lock-in period.
  • Fixed Deposits (FDs): Prefer calm seas to stormy waves? FDs offer guaranteed returns and capital protection, perfect for risk-averse investors seeking stability over potential for higher gains.

Advantages of One-Time Investments for 3 Years:

  • Potentially Faster Returns: Concentrating your investment power can lead to quicker growth, ideal for specific short-term goals within the 3-year timeframe.
  • Flexibility and Control: Choose your instrument and entry point, giving you more control over your investment decisions.
  • Capital Utilization: Invest a larger sum and potentially maximize your returns compared to smaller, regular SIP investments.

Remember: One-time investments come with their own set of challenges:

  • Market Volatility: Be prepared for potential fluctuations and losses, especially with equity-linked options.
  • Timing the Market: Choosing the right entry point can be tricky, leading to missed opportunities or higher risks.
  • Limited Diversification: Investing in a single instrument exposes you to more risk compared to the spread of a SIP portfolio.

Choosing the Right Path:

SIPs and one-time investments each offer unique advantages and challenges. Your choice depends on:

  • Risk Tolerance: Can you handle potential market turbulence?
  • Investment Goal: Are you aiming for steady growth or potentially faster returns?
  • Investment Horizon: How quickly do you need the money?
  • Financial Circumstances: Can you afford a large, one-time investment?

V. Choosing the Right Option for You: Navigate Your Financial Sea with Confidence

With the waves of SIPs and the adrenaline rush of one-time investments swirling around you, it’s time to cast anchor and chart your course towards financial freedom. But which option truly fits your compass? Let’s navigate the pros and cons to find your perfect financial boat:

Weighing Anchor: Matching Options to Needs

Feature SIPs One-Time Investments
Risk Tolerance Lower risk, ideal for conservative or moderate investors Higher risk, suitable for aggressive investors
Investment Goal Steady, long-term growth Potentially faster returns for specific short-term goals
Investment Horizon Ideal for longer timeframes (5+ years) Suitable for shorter timeframes (2-3 years)
Financial Commitment Regular, smaller investments Large, one-time lump sum
Market Volatility Average out fluctuations, offering stability More susceptible to market ups and downs
Diversification Spread risk across multiple instruments Concentrated risk in a single instrument
Control Less control over timing and entry point More control over investment choice and timing


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