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Best Scholarships for Study Abroad in Kochi And Calicut

Every year, around 30,000 Kerala students travel overseas for higher studies. Both the cities of Kochi as well as Calicut contribute a lot to Kerala’s total pool of study abroad aspirants. The best overseas learning nations for this state include Canada, Australia as well as the UK. Thus, various study abroad consultants in Kochi also suggest these foreign cities. These nations are on top due to their high-quality learning but also for research options.

Even though these places are the dream of every foreign aspirant. They cannot reach there due to their financial issues. Thus, to help with this, many scholarships come into action. So, here you will learn about the best scholarships for aspirants from Kochi and Calicut. Also, you will learn about how they help in your overseas journey.

How Scholarships Benefit in Studying Abroad?

When you plan to study overseas, always look for the best scholarships for your destination. But how will this funding help you in your foreign dream run? Here are a few main benefits of opting for abroad scholarships:

1. Financial Assistance:

The main aim of the scholarship is to offer financial support to the study abroad aspirants. With the increasing scope of education, there is a rapid increase in the expense rate these days. Also, unlike loans, these funds do not need to be repaid. Thus, this makes them a valuable source for seeking financial aid for these students. Hence, it reduces the worry of the students and parents about the funding needed to study in a foreign land.

2. Educational Advantage:

By securing scholarships, you can cover a large part of your tuition fees as well as the cost of living. Thus, this reduces the burden of sponsoring your overseas schooling. A scholarship has made many well-known institutes easy to access for all. Having a scholarship helps you pay for fulfilling your dream to study abroad.

This can reduce your risk of dropping out as well as not getting the degree you wanted. Thus, by reducing financial concerns, these grants help to gain more time to study and learn. This can lead to better grades as well as build your future career.

3. Helps in Building Your Career:

Earning a scholarship helps you to make your resume more attractive for jobs in your field. Employers who know about the competitive nature of these grants will identify them as a result of the student’s capability. It also demonstrates that you have excellent academic skills every qualified student needs. Also, it can even aid you in getting various job options in the field you want. Thus, it helps in building your career. Hence, always look for the best scholarships according to the country you are opting for.

Top 6 Scholarships for Study Abroad Aspirants in Kochi and Calicut

Canada, Australia and the UK are the top opted nations for abroad studies by the students from Kerala. Thus, here you will learn about the best scholarships in these nations. Also, these data are based on the suggestions of the top study abroad consultants in Calicut and Kochi.

1. Scholarships for Universities in Canada:

Canada is the 2nd top nation with the most number of Indian students. Out of which, most of them are from Kerala. This is due to their top-quality learning as well as research-based institutes. The following are the top scholarship programs in the nation for the abroad students-

a) York University International Student Scholarship-

The students currently studying at York University are eligible for this scholarship. It is a need-based grant. Thus, the preferable criteria for this is to have 70% in academics and your scores in IELTS or TOEFL. Also, you must have registered in any UG program in Canada. Via this grant, you will have funds up to 35,000 CAD per year.

b) Ontario Graduate Scholarships-

At the public institutes of Ontario, this program promotes excellent students. This program offers grants based on the merits of graduate studies. The University of Toronto as well as the Province of Ontario collaborate to fund this programme. The criteria for this grant is to have a full-time course at the University of Toronto. Not only this but also, you must have good academic grades in the past. The scholarship offers 5,000 CAD – 15,000 CAD throughout the course tenure.

2. Scholarships for Universities in Australia:

Australia is the most advised place by study abroad consultants in Kochi to the students. Not only this but also, Kerala contributes a large pool of aspirants learning in this nation. Thus, here are the best scholarships for the overseas aspirants-

a) Griffith Remarkable Scholarship-

This scholarship is offered based on your merit. It only applies to Griffith University. Thus, you can only apply for UG and PG degree programs at this institute via this aid. The criteria for application for this grant is that you must have 70% or above in your past grades. This financial aid covers around 50% of your tuition fees as well as other study expenses.

b) Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship-

The Australian government give this scholarship to study abroad aspirants. They are the students who want to study master’s in Australia. It is based on merit as well as fellowship. The preferred criteria for this grant are to have good grades as well as your age must be above 18 years old.

3. Scholarships for Universities in the United Kingdom:

The UK is one of the most famous nations for higher studies for Indian students. The UK-based institutes also rank in the list of top 10 universities worldwide. This is due to their high-quality facilities as well as finer research experience. The best scholarships advised by the study abroad consultants in Kochi and Calicut for this nation are as follows-

a) Rhodes Scholarship-

The Rhodes Trust in Oxford administers this scholarship program. This program yearly offers over 100 fully-funded Scholarships. It is only for students who opt for full-time PG study at the University of Oxford. Also, this is one of the world’s best institutes. The benefits include covering your tuition fees as well as a monthly stipend of 1,515 EUR.

b) Chevening Scholarship-

The UK government offer this scholarship to abroad students including those from India. With this aid, you can opt for any 1-year PG degree. Also, this is a merit-based scholarship program. Not only this but also, this grant program prefers work experience for at least 2 years. Along with it, the overseas aspirants must return to their own country once the course tenure is over. The benefits of this scholarship cover your expenses. These costs include tuition fees, living costs as well as airfare for a year.


In conclusion, applying for the best scholarships will aid foreign students in many ways. This financial support will help you to complete your course without any worries. Also, they aid you in building better resumes for job applications. These grants are the fruit of the capability as well as skills of the aspirants. Thus, this aids in building your career in your field. Canada, Australia as well as the UK are the top nations for abroad studies for students from Kerala. Thus, top study abroad consultants in Calicut and Kochi advise several scholarships for these places.

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