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Best Non Vegetarian Restaurants in Delhi NCR


Today we have curated an article specifically for Non-veg lovers. Delhi is a culturally rich place, and it still exhibits the cultures it has been exposed to, even from the far past. Several mughlai dishes like Haleem, Murg Musallam, Kebabs, Mutton Nihari, and biryani have made their way into people’s hearts, and they have stayed.Here is a list of some amazing non vegetarian restaurants in Delhi NCR that you can try.

Kake da Hotel

Famous for its Keema kaleji, Tandoori chicken, butter chicken, Kofta curry, and saag chicken, Kake the hotel is always crowded with people. Sometimes, people are also seen waiting in the line outside.It is situated at Connaught Place, which makes it easily accessible for visitors Restaurants in Delhi NCR . Kake da Hotel has been operating since 1931, and currently it has 30 outlets. It has served some eminent personalities in the past.Despite its popularity, Kake Da Hotel remains affordable and one of the best non-veg restaurants. It is a treasure on its own.

Karim’s Mughlai Restaurant

If you want to have some heavenly Tandoori Murg, Mutton Burra, Tandoori Bakra, Murg Tikka, and Murg malai tikka, then you must, with all certainty, visit Karim’s Mughlai Chicken in Daryaganj. Your trip around Delhi will not be complete if you are a non-veg lover and do not visit this place. This is one of the greatest non-veg restaurants that exists. It has been operating since 1913; it only makes sense that it has great recipes.

Pind Balluchi

This one is relatively newer than the previous two restaurants. Pind Balluchi started in 1992, and since then, it has opened several outlets in Delhi NCR. You will find delicious items on the menu that will satisfy your hunger and soul. If you visit Pind balluchi to satisfy your hunger for non-veg food then we suggest you try its Kalmi Kebab, Lehsoni tangri,

Rajinder da Dhaba

Rajinder da Dhaba started out as a small food stall in 1968 before it became huge. In today’s scenario, it is largely known for its Chicken Curry and Galouti Kebabs. It witnesses a huge footfall on a daily basis. Rajinder da Dhaba has managed to stay consistent, which has also earned it a name among the famous non-veg restaurants in Delhi.


Al Jawahar Restaurants

Named after our former PM, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, this place was inaugurated by him in the year 1948. Al Jawahar takes pride in its authentic Mughlai food. It believes in consistency and has managed to keep its authenticity intact by sticking to its decades-old recipe. Do try out their Chicken Burra, Mutton karahi, Mutton Qorma, Mutton Nahari, and Chicken afghani when you visit the place.

Khan Chacha   

If you are on a shopping spree in the Khan Market and want to have a quick bite of delicious food, then you must simply go to Khan Chacha’s. You will get mouth-watering rolls and kebabs. It must be enough to satisfy your cravings for non-veg food. Delhi is full of magnificent things, and Khan Chacha’s place is one of them. Khan Chacha, like most of the previously discussed restaurants, also has a legacy that dates back to 1972.


If you have a company and you are looking for some elegance along with delicious non-veg food, then Kainoosh is a place you can visit. It is fine-dining with gorgeous interiors. This one should manage to satisfy all your senses, like visual, sensory, and olfactory. famous dishes include Murg ke Reshmi Seekh, Dum ka Keema, Butter Hathme is not delusional in doing so. It has indeed planned out a strategic pathway to success, which is already evident from the benefits it is providing.

Chicken, and Biryani     



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