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What are Different Types of Microgreens and their Health Benefits?

Do you know that you can unlock the secrets to a healthy and vibrant lifestyle with the power of microgreens? Yes, you can easily add highly nutritious vegetables to your regular diet by growing microgreens on your own.

For this, you can consider growing the best microgreens for nutrition in your kitchen. This will help you grow fresh and highly nutritious food without going outside to the fields. Moreover, you also don’t need to go to grocery stores once you start growing microgreens on your balconies.

These are the health benefits of microgreens that are intriguing more people to grow them. Moreover, different types of research papers, articles, and publications are adding more to the awareness of people about prevailing health issues.

Do you have friends or family members who grow microgreens within their homes?

If this is so, you might ask them about the detailed process involving all the steps so that you can also grow microgreens on your own and learn from the experience of others. A lot of people are usually unaware of the health benefits of microgreens, however, reading this article might make them intrigued.

If you are intrigued after learning about the health and nutritional values of microgreens, you may consider growing them.

Do you want to be a part of this culinary trend? Do you know that a lot of people are growing microgreens as it helps them opt for the most popular healthy revolution?

All types of microgreens outshine their nutritional values and help us bring healthy reforms. You can start growing microgreens by opting for those that require little effort but offer the best possible outcomes.

For this, you can go through this article as we are here with three of the most nutrient-dense and fastest-growing microgreens of all.

Different Types of Microgreens and their Health Benefits:

Mustard, spinach, pea, sunflower, broccoli, radish, arugula, etc. are among the most highly nutritious microgreens. These not only contain essential vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, K, E, B, C and sulforaphane, potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium but a lot of antioxidants too.

For instance, the microgreens mentioned above can help you get different benefits because of the presence of lutein, beta-carotene, quercetin, and anthocyanin. So, if you want to make a quick decision regarding the type of microgreens you need to grow, this article is for you.

You can read this article to learn about the most nutritious and healthy microgreens among the various types. Are you looking for microgreens that can work in your best interests? If you are a concerned and health-conscious mother, you can benefit by growing microgreens.

Food enthusiasts, urban dwellers, gourmet chefs, and people from different backgrounds can benefit equally by growing microgreens in their limited space options such as galleries, kitchens, and balconies.

So, you can join us to explore the healthy reforms and revolutions brought by microgreens.

Arugula Microgreens:

Opting for arugula to start growing microgreens appears to be a great choice. This is a great option to begin growing microgreens because these grow very quickly and can help you see your efforts ripening within a few days.

These arugula microgreens also serve as the best option for you if you love opting for delicious additions to your salads, wraps, and sandwiches.  Do you know that the benefits of arugula microgreens are far beyond their nutty taste, unique flavor, and peppery finish?

The benefits of these arugula microgreens extend further as these help consumers prevent multiple diseases associated with digestion, nervous system, and cardiovascular health. Adding arugula microgreens to your diet can help you promote your energy production.

This promotion of energy production helps you maintain proper growth and functioning of your body and brain. These are also great options for patients having osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

As arugula microgreens help you make your immune system stronger, you can easily keep yourself safe from developing colon or lung cancers. Have you bought arugula microgreens from a grocery store to boost the flavor of your simple dishes?

If so, you will notice a significant difference in these arugula microgreens when you grow them yourself. This is because when you grow these arugula microgreens yourself, you are growing them in the best way.

Pea Microgreens:

Here comes another great option for you to start growing microgreens. When you grow pea microgreens, you can add some sweetness to your life naturally. These mini veggies are so delicious and nutritious that you won’t mind eating them every time you have your meals.

You will never find these sweet leaves disappointing you as these not only help you refresh your salads but also appear to be a great choice for your course meals. Pea microgreens are a part of regular weight loss meal plans suggested by certified nutritionists and healthcare professionals.

These pea microgreens are a natural way to treat major health concerns like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and anemia. All you need to do is gather some courage and grow these pea microgreens in your kitchen so that you can benefit yourself in the best way.

Radish Microgreens:

If you are new to microgreens and you want to grow those microgreens that can help you get results within the shortest time possible, you can try growing radish microgreens. These not only grow quickly but are also among the most nutrient microgreens.

It is their peppery taste that can help you the most if you often crave spicy flavors. You can use these radish microgreens to add a special crunch to your sandwiches and soups.

You can find radish microgreens playing a key role in helping you promote digestion. Moreover, these radish microgreens are also good for your skin and immune system. Among the different reasons why microgreens growers grow radish microgreens, detoxification of blood, and hydration of the body remains on the top.


Growing arugula, pea, and radish microgreens yourself can help you experience how great these are for your health. You need to grow the best microgreens for nutrition so that you can recommend them to your friends too.

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