Best 5 Reviews Widget Available In The Market For Every Business

When you own a business, promoting your products and services is essential. Google reviews play a pivotal role in promoting your brand products or services. With the help of Google reviews, your potential customers get an idea about the insights of your business. Creating a review widget for website is one of the best ways to do it. 

The review aggregator works as a functional block that aggregates reviews from different social media platforms and displays them on your website. Review widgets are important for a business because people will read at least 10 reviews before they trust any business. Read this blog to learn more about review widgets, why they matter, and the best tools to add review widgets to your website. 

Why Do You Need To Add A Review Widget To Display Reviews?

To add customer reviews, the simplest way is to require a review widget for website. You can simply copy-paste snippets of code from the reviews from many websites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. The review aggregator shows the most recent updates and it updates automatically. 

By adding a review widget on your website, you can invite customers to write their reviews about your products and services. It is essential to promote your most recent reviews because more than 40 % of customers only trust the reviews that have been written within the past two weeks. 

Top 5 Review Widgets For Website In 2024 

Here are some worthy review widgets for websites that will help businesses to add reviews to their website. Here is a list below:

1. Tagembed 

One of the most popular social media aggregator tools- Tagembed is quietly known for offering easy and simple solutions. Tagembed permits its users to collect reviews from multiple platforms and also allows them to embed online customer reviews with the help of a review widget for website. This review widget makes your website look more eye-pleasing to the visitors. 

Using the review aggregator of Tagembed you can flaunt the online customer reviews of your website and create a sense of trust and credibility among your customers. You can use the Tagembed even if you’re not familiar with the technical knowledge to add online customer reviews to your website. 

To make the review widget look more eye-catchy, users can use the customization options offered by the Tagembed. Tagembed is a code-less tool that makes the process of embedding quite easy. Several other additional features are also offered by the Tagembed to make the review widget look more visually appealing. 

2. TrustAnalytica 

When it comes to adding a review widget for website without any hassle, TrustAnalytica is the perfect tool. With some added benefits, Trustanalytica also controls metrics. The process of getting onboard is simple and easy with the review widget of TrustAnalytica. TrustAnalytica is a popular online brand reputation business which simply means that the brand is an expert in handling all the factors that are responsible for the brand’s online reputation. With some exceptional features, this tool provides several types of services. 

3. Tagbox 

Tagbox is another popular tool that provides review widgets to look after the day-to-day requirements of a website. Its review widget for website lets you collect Google reviews, personalize user reviews and design widgets, and also helps in embedding Google reviews on your website. 

Tagbox helps you enhance your performance with banners, CTA, and announcements for a unique presentation. The review widget of Tagbox gives you real-time updates and moderation which gives you full flexibility to select which reviews to display on your website. 

4. Embed Social 

On this list, Embed Social is another one of the main tools to provide review widget for website. In the curation of stories, social media feeds, reviews, and photos so that you can embed them on any website. The API of Embed Social allows integration to extract all reviews from social media platforms within seconds. 

Allowing you to change colors, designs, fonts, layouts, and social media logos, Embed Social provides advanced customization features. The code of Embed Social works on every website that supports Javascript language. 

5. CommonNinja 

An online service, CommonNinja provides a review widget for website for free. The widget catalog of CommonNinja contains over 80 widgets from website components to user engagement. CommonNinja provides a Trustpilot review aggregator and Amazon review widgets are several other review widgets for websites. 

The review widget of CommonNinja is free to use and offers several different colorful skins, layouts, and several other personalization options. If you activate the ‘Automatic updates’ option under general settings, then CommonNinja will automatically fetch new customer reviews once every 24 hours.

Final Note 

For your products and services, adding a review widget for website can be a game changer for your business. This blog will shed light on the importance of the best review widgets available in the online marketplace that help businesses aggregate and display customer reviews on their websites. Online customer reviews will act as social proof for your business and it will improve the SEO of your website also. 

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