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As a general rule, when a person rents a vehicle, it is round trip, that is to say that he must return it to the agency of departure. Choose pickup rental Dubai one-way for your move or any other trip brings many advantages. However, this option is more expensive than the round-trip option.

What Is a One-Way Rental?

The classic vehicle rental formula requires the individual to bring it back to the starting point. This round-trip formula is more economical; however, it has some disadvantages.

Indeed, 3 Ton Van Rental Dubai with the classic formula wastes considerable time, especially if the distance between the two accommodations is long. To this must be added the fuel costs for the return and of course strictly respect the day and time scheduled to return it to the rental agency.

The rates for a one-way utility rental (rental with abandonment or one way) are a little higher. However, it saves time and does not require paying gas or diesel costs , which are not included in the offer. This is therefore ultimately more economical , because there is no need to pay fuel or tolls on the return.

This option is also more environmentally friendly . Indeed, the carbon footprint is reduced, due to less time spent on the road thanks to less return.

All you have to do is drop off the moving vehicle in an agency (of the same brand), the closest to your new home so that the rental company can come and pick it up.

It is a more practical solution that allows you to focus solely on your project and to be able to move more serenely. Fatigue-related risks are reduced, which prevents a driving accident and other problems.

How To Rent a Vehicle One-Way?

One-way utility rental for a low-cost move can be done directly online on the desired pickup truck rental in Dubai company’s website, in just a few minutes.

Before renting a vehicle of this type, it is advisable to calculate the volume in m3 to be transported, that is to say that of the goods (boxes, furniture, household appliances, etc.). This makes it possible to choose a utility size suited to one’s needs. It is also strongly advised to prepare your move well in advance, to sort and give away the personal effects that you no longer want, so as not to take on unnecessary goods and to make room in the house. ‘utility. Clothing, objects, household appliances, can be donated to associations instead of throwing them away.

However, it should be noted that not all vehicle rental companies offer the one-way option, so it is important to inquire beforehand.

To rent a small van, a B permit is sufficient. A C license, i.e., a heavy goods vehicle driving license, may be required depending on the size of the truck. In any case, it is necessary, however, to know how to drive and maneuver this type of van. Otherwise, it is possible to rent a removal vehicle with a private driver. This option is also very interesting and avoids a round trip. The amount of the benefit has a cost. However, it remains very affordable and is one of the most economical solutions for moving.

Moving Kits

Some vehicle pickup truck offer the possibility of renting or buying moving equipment, such as a furniture lift, safety straps to hold heavy loads in the truck, trolleys and hand trucks. They also provide boxes, bubble wrap, tape, gloves and blankets to protect the furniture.

What Are the Rates for A Utility Rental Without Return?

The prices of a utility rental without return depend on several parameters. We can notably cite the size of the truck which is influenced by the quantity of goods and therefore the volume in m3, or the distance to be covered influencing the number of kilometers to be covered.

It is strongly recommended to request a free, non-binding quote from the various professionals 3 Ton Van Rental Dubai in the sector. This does not commit you to anything and gives the possibility of finding a rental company and rates adapted to your financial situation.

If calculating the number of m3 is complicated, calling on a professional mover can be a good solution. Indeed, this expert goes to the home of the individual to carry out a technical visit. This allows the specialist to identify the number of m3 to be moved, which greatly facilitates the operation.

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