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Be Ready For Campus Placement for 2024-25

Placement will be on the cards after the 7th semester. Your college mates, teachers and parents will expect you to get placed in any company. So you must be under pressure. Marks, CGPA, and Skills  are the parameters that the companies will look into. If you are not able to crack an interview through campus placement then  It will be difficult for you to crack an interview off-campus. Here are some points for cracking the interview:

Hard Skill: Hard skills are associated with the engineering domain. Most of you will get placed in an IT company. So learn programming because Most high-paying IT jobs are in coding. Fresh graduates get a chance of getting a job. Direct your energy for preparing a robust strategy that helps in acing the interview. Have a review concept sheet along with the necessary questions. Join some coaching institute for Skills because the College will not be able to provide you with an adequate skill set. Be devoted and consistent towards a goal. Vivekananda Global University [VGU] is a Private University Educational Institute to provide higher education to build a career in the field of Engineering, Management and Humanities. VGU has a culture of coding. Vivekananda Global University, Jaipur got direct campus placements in top companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, IBM, Accenture and more. ASSOCHAM rating system has given a 4-star rating on the basis that it has a green campus. Read about Unlocking Career Potential Machine Learning Training in Hyderabad. Below are some of the points that you can work on. :

  1. Filling Education-Employability Skills Gap and Opportunity
  2. Prepare yourself for skilling, re skilling & up skilling.

Soft Skills: Companies look for candidates who have good soft skills. Command over a language is of utmost importance. Expressing yourself clearly is very important. Soft Skills will give you an edge. Companies generally recruit people with soft skills. Recruiters used to train freshers by matching their skills with the job requirements. Skilling gap, training period and other expenses have been increasing year after year. This will improve only when you communicate face-to-face, through email and in presentations to a group.

Make Your Resume Impressive: A resume makes a first impression make it stronger. Do as many complex projects as it makes an impression that you know the work. Don’t mention your weaknesses and avoid false information in the resume. Prepare yourself for the interview. Give mock interviews. Learn a way to divert the interviewer’s attention.

Prepare For Technical Interview: The interviewer will assess your hard skills. Candidates undergo a rigorous specialized technical interview process that is totally conceptualised to test problem-solving abilities and aptitude. Technical acumen will be checked through the questionnaire from technical areas that can be chemical, computer & electrical engineering, medical devices, software, physics, biotech and mechanical(whichever field you belong to). Core tech jobs are very few but most of them pay well so target both an IT company and core tech job.

HR Interview: This is more for checking your personality. How you will be behaving and attitudinal factors are of top priority. Basic ethical questions for evaluating you. Practice in front of the mirror for confidence. Sometimes they do ask about company achievements.

Tell me something about yourself.
What are your future goals?
Why should we recruit you?
What are your hobbies?
Why you are in tech?

The HR will pose counter-questions based on your answer. Be confident and sure about your answers. Your body language and communication skills are very important with how you present yourself and don’t hesitate to ask for your wishful salary. Prepare Well and Best of Luck for Your Placements..



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