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Bathroom Renovation Trends That You Can Try Before Holidays

Bathroom renovation is a very important task in home remodeling. The various trends in bathroom renovations add an incentive to take this step and undertake the rehabilitation of your dreams: suspended sinks, organic designs, walls that evoke nature, or electronic taps.

The most successful trends in bathroom renovations:

Warmth and naturalness in the finishes

The bathroom is a haven of peace and tranquility for many of us, and enhancing such states is possible with an appropriate choice of materials. From natural, warm, and organic materials, to be exact.

And one of the trends in bathrooms with showers invites you to turn bath or shower time into a more welcoming and relaxing experience.

Natural stones and wood properly treated and varnished, of course, will prevail in the furniture, taps, and bathroom walls.

To give color, neutral and soft tones are welcome, with faint contrasts in darker colors. This search for naturalness is leading many homeowners to opt for local stones and woods.


Greater prominence of electronic taps

Although summer is the best season of the year to carry out a renovation, it also details extra water expenditure: we consume up to 40% more of this resource in June and August than in winter. Putting an end to this waste and saving on your water bill is possible with the use of electronic faucets.

According to Stouffville renovations professionals, installing sensor faucets in the sink allows you to moderate the water flow and activate its supply only when the user’s hands are detected.

These devices, increasingly affordable in price, have avant-garde designs, in line with new trends in interior design and decoration.


Use suspended sink

Suspended sinks take up half the space of a normal sink, integrating perfectly into built-in furniture and shelves and creating a space at the bottom, useful for placing or attaching small cabinets, drawers, and other similar furniture.

At first, this solution may be incompatible with an aesthetic lifestyle inspired by nature, but its modernity does not prevent it from being versatile and adapting to any environment you are building.

For all of the above, opting for this type of sink is one of the best tips for renovating small bathrooms.


Organic forms

The greater the degree of technology and digitalization in our lives, the greater the desire to return to the essence, to natural and organic forms.

his proposal challenges conventional geometry and linearity to adopt imperfect curves, closer to the plant world than to the steel and glass ‘jungles’ that surround us.

Also, this bathroom renovation trend can be put into practice with the purchase or design of furniture, taps, lighting, or mirrors whose design reproduces common shapes in the natural environment: a leaf, a drop, the spiral of a tendril, etc.

Its objective is to convey an image of harmony and vitality. A bathroom is not just the place where we shower or brush our teeth: it can also be an oasis of tranquility.


Replace bathtub with shower tray

Although it beautifies environments and is synonymous with comfort, the bathtub has lost the battle for savings with the shower tray.

This product also takes up less space, and its quick installation allows you to make this change in less time than you imagine. Hence, the shower tray is a trend in bathroom rehabilitation.


Imitate stone and marble tiles

The trends in bathroom tiles point to natural stone with coatings that imitate its reliefs and irregular shapes, generating the illusion that toilet time takes place among mountains.

For their part, tiles that simulate the marble finish are a sincere invitation to give a classic and traditional touch to the bathroom, without spending an exorbitant amount.

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