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Attending an International School in Tokyo, Japan? Here Are the Top Schools!

The education system in Japan is excellent, with plenty of international schools for children. Local and expat families send their children to its capital city to study in the best Tokyo international school to get a quality education. From primary education to university-level professional learning, Tokyo has every student covered with this list of schools and colleges. If you make a little effort to find the best school, you can design a promising future for your child.

The only challenge most parents face while choosing a school for their child’s primary education is filtering the right school. There are so many options in Tokyo that figuring out which school would be the right choice becomes challenging. Every institute would claim to be the best, making it difficult for you to decide. To ease the decision-making process for you, we have listed the top school options, out of which you can choose the one you feel is right.

Top international schools in Tokyo 

  1. The Global Indian International School
  2. The American School 
  3. KAIS International School
  4. Gregg International School
  5. Camelot International School
  6. Kohana International School
  7. MEES International School
  8. The Montessori School of Tokyo
  9. Seisen International School
  10. Columbia International School

The list of best international schools in Tokyo that you can consider choosing is never-ending. You should consider a few concerns, like which school provides quality education, offers the latest curriculum plan, and likewise. To ease your job, you can stick to the list above and save time by researching only these schools. Give enough time to carefully research and verify all the factors to choose the best school for a promising future for your child.

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