Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Automotive and Transportation Market to Witness Huge Growth by 2030

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Automotive and Transportation Market Research Report Scope (FY24-30)

The Market Analysis for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Automotive and Transportation Market conducted by MarkNtel Advisors delves into the factors that will influence the market’s performance in the anticipated period, 2024-30. This analysis provides an extensive evaluation of the value chain, supply chain, and business operations within various regional markets. Furthermore, it furnishes a roster of well-established companies operating in the market, complete with detailed descriptions of their product offerings, all of which contribute to enhancing the trustworthiness of the research study.

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Market Dynamic

This report delves into the current market trends influencing its growth. It provides insights into essential factors such as market drivers, challenges, and opportunities for key industry players, stakeholders, and emerging competitors.

Global Artificial Intelligence in Automotive & Transportation Market Opportunity – AI-powered Fleet Management Creating Opportunities

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the automotive & transportation industry, the segment of fleet management presents a compelling market opportunity. The integration of AI-powered solutions is reshaping the way logistics & fleet companies operate. These solutions offer numerous advantages, including route optimization, real-time monitoring of vehicle health, and heightened overall operational efficiency. By leveraging AI, fleet managers can dynamically adjust routes to account for traffic, weather, and other variables, resulting in reduced fuel costs and quicker deliveries.

Moreover, AI-driven predictive maintenance ensures that vehicles remain in peak condition, minimizing unexpected breakdowns and associated downtime. This contributes to substantial cost savings and improved customer satisfaction. As the demand for efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective transportation solutions continues to grow, AI-powered fleet management is poised to be a transformative force in the industry, offering companies a competitive edge and streamlining their operations.

Competitive Outlook

The report profiles leading companies, including Continental AG, Denso Corporation, Nvidia Corporation, Intel Corporation, Harman International, AI Motive, Argo AI, Siemens, Thales Group, CarVi, Valeo, Others, as researched by MarkNtel Advisors.

Segment Analysis:

To gain a more profound insight, experts have undertaken a thorough analysis of each category within these segments. This meticulous scrutiny assists industry participants and stakeholders in grasping the market categories that are undergoing rapid expansion and yielding the most substantial revenues. The precision of revenue estimations and calculations is guaranteed through a segment-specific approach to analysis and expansion.

The report thoroughly scrutinizes major market segments, along with their respective sub-segments.

By Application

-Human-Machine Interface

–Central Display

–Instrument Cluster

–Steering Mounted Control

–Head-up Display

-Driver Monitoring

–Physiological Measurement

–Facial Movement and Eye Detection

-Driver/ Identity Authentication


–Facial and Iris


-Autonomous Driving Processing Chips

-Intelligent Traffic Management System

By Vehicle Type

-Passenger Vehicles

-Light Commercial Vehicles

-Heavy Trucks

-Heavy Buses

By Component



By Level of Autonomy

-Level 1

-Level 2

-Level 3

-Level 4

-Level 5

By Technology

-Machine Learning

-Natural Language Processing

-Context-Aware Computing

-Computer Vision

-Deep Learning

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Industry experts have extensively assessed the profitability and growth potential within these segments. Furthermore, the report examines key geographical regions, including –

By Region

-North America

-South America


-Middle East & Africa


The research component also offers sales and revenue forecasts for the period 2024-30, considering factors like sales, pricing, and revenue.

Key questions Answered in this Recent Research Report, 2030

  • What is the anticipated demand for various product categories, and what are the potential market and industrial applications for these products?
  • How are the forecasts for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Automotive and Transportation Market determined, taking into account factors like production, capacity, production value, expected expenses, profitability, market share, supply, consumption, import/export patterns, and other dynamics?
  • Who are the dominant players in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Automotive and Transportation Market, and which companies currently hold the top positions in the industry?
  • What are the notable market trends that can be harnessed to create new sources of revenue?
  • What strategies are advisable for entering the market, minimizing economic impact, and selecting effective marketing channels within the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Automotive and Transportation Market?

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MarkNtel Advisors is wholeheartedly dedicated to delivering premium market research, and this report serves as a testament to our commitment to furnishing clients with extensive and valuable insights. In response to the publication of this report, our analysts emphasized, “The Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Automotive and Transportation market is in the midst of swift changes, and staying ahead of the curve is vital for both businesses and investors. Our report provides a detailed examination of market players, prospects, and insights, equipping our clients with the essential information needed to make well-informed decisions in this continuously evolving environment.”

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