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Arguments Not to Treat or Prevent COVID-19 with Ivermectin


COVID-19. It seems like we have been living with it forever at times. It is perhaps not unexpected that some consumers are resorting to treatments that have not been recognized or authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) given the amount of deaths that have resulted from the condition.

Examining the scientific evidence on a drug to ensure that it is safe and effective for a specific use is one of the FDA’s responsibilities. Using a medication for COVID-19 prevention or treatment that has not been approved by the FDA or does not have an emergency use authorization from them can be extremely harmful in certain situations.

Ivermectin, a medication, appears to be gaining popularity as a means of treating or preventing COVID-19 in people. The United States has licensed several animal forms of ivermectin, including paste, pour-on, injectable, and “drench,” for the treatment or prevention of parasites in animals. Ivermectin pills are permitted for use in humans to treat certain parasitic worms at very specified levels. Topical versions are available for the treatment of skin disorders such as rosacea and head lice.

However, the FDA has been notified on several occasions of humans who self-medicated with ivermectin meant for animals and then needed medical attention, including hospitalization.

Everything You Should Know About Ivermectin

Ivermectin has not been given FDA approval or authorization to be used in humans or animals to treat or prevent COVID-19. Human usage of ivermectin is authorized for the treatment of skin disorders including rosacea as well as infections brought on by certain parasitic worms and head lice.

As of right now, there is no evidence that ivermectin works against COVID-19. Ivermectin pill use for COVID-19 prevention or therapy is the subject of ongoing clinical research.

It is risky to take large doses of Ivermectin Buy Online.

If your doctor prescribes ivermectin for you, have it filled from a reputable source, like a pharmacy, and take it exactly as directed.

Never give yourself or anybody else prescription drugs meant for animals. The ivermectin products licensed for human use differ significantly from those for animals. It is risky to use animal ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID-19 in humans.

How is ivermectin used and what does it mean?

The FDA has approved the use of ivermectin tablets to treat intestinal strongyloidiasis and onchocerciasis, two disorders brought on by parasitic worms. Furthermore, rosacea and other skin disorders can be treated with topical ivermectin, as well as external parasites like head lice.

specific internal and external parasites can be treated with animal ivermectin, and specific versions of the drug are authorized to prevent heartworm illness. It’s crucial to remember that these products are not the same as those for humans and are only safe when administered to animals in accordance with directions.

When Is It Dangerous to Take Ivermectin?

Ivermectin has not been approved by the FDA to treat or prevent COVID-19 in humans or animals. For these indications, ivermectin has not been proven to be safe or efficacious.

Misinformation abounds, and you might have heard that taking high dosages of ivermectin is acceptable. It’s not acceptable.

Blood thinners and other drugs can interact with ivermectin, even at dosages that are permitted for human use. Additionally, ivermectin overdoses can result in hypotension (low blood pressure), nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, allergic responses (itching and hives), dizziness, ataxia (balance issues), seizures, coma, and even death.

There Are distinctions Between Ivermectin Products for Human Beings and Animal Use

One reason why animal medications are frequently highly concentrated is that they are intended for huge animals, such as horses and cows, which can weigh up to a ton or more, much more than humans. In humans, such high doses may be extremely hazardous. In addition, the FDA evaluates medications for the inactive substances as well as the safety and efficacy of the active ingredients. Numerous inactive substances used in animal products have not been proven safe for human consumption. Alternatively, they are far more prevalent than those that are utilized by humans. In certain instances, we are unsure of how those inert components will impact the body’s absorption of ivermectin.



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