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Are there Specific Eyeliner Techniques for Monolids?

Monolids, also known as single eyelids, possess a distinct eye shape characterized by a lack of a visible crease when the eye is open. Putting on eyeliner on monolids can be hard. But, with the right techniques and products, you can get stunning eye looks. In this article, we’ll explore eyeliner techniques for monolids. We’ll cover product selection, application methods, and maintenance tips.

Introduction to Monolids

What are Monolids?

Monolids refer to an eye shape where the eyelid lacks a crease, resulting in a smooth, single eyelid surface when the eye is open. This eye shape is prominent in East Asian populations but can also be found in individuals of various ethnic backgrounds.

Understanding Eyeliner Techniques for Monolids

Challenges with Monolid Eyeliner Application

Applying eyeliner on monolids can pose unique challenges due to the absence of a natural crease. Achieving symmetry and precision may need different techniques. They are different from those used on double eyelids.

Choosing the Right Eyeliner Products

Gel Liners vs. Liquid Liners

When it comes to monolids, selecting the right eyeliner product is crucial. Gel liners offer precision and control, making them ideal for creating defined lines on monolid eyes. Liquid liners provide intense color and last a long time. They are perfect for bold looks.

Preparing Your Monolids for Eyeliner Application

Importance of Primer

Priming the eyelids is essential for ensuring long-lasting and smudge-proof eyeliner application. A good eyeshadow primer helps create a smooth canvas. It stops creasing and makes eyeshadow and eyeliner colors more vibrant.

Setting a Base with Eyeshadow

Applying a neutral eyeshadow as a base can help set the stage for flawless eyeliner application. This step adds depth to the eyes and prevents the eyeliner from smudging or transferring throughout the day.

Techniques for Creating the Illusion of a Defined Crease


Tightlining involves applying eyeliner along the waterline. This defines the eyes without overpowering them. This technique works exceptionally well for monolids, as it enhances the lash line and creates the illusion of fuller lashes.

Graduated Eyeliner Technique

The graduated eyeliner technique involves varying the thickness of the eyeliner from thin to thick along the lash line. This method helps create depth and dimension on monolids, accentuating the eyes and adding visual interest.

Creating Winged Eyeliner for Monolids

Tips for Achieving a Flattering Wing

Winged eyeliner can beautifully enhance the shape of monolid eyes, adding lift and definition. To create a flattering wing, start by outlining the desired shape with a thin line and gradually build thickness towards the outer corner. Use tape or a card as a guide for precision.

Enhancing Eye Shapes with Eyeliner

Tricks for Elongating the Eyes

Elongating the eyes can help create a more balanced and symmetrical appearance. To achieve this, extend the eyeliner slightly beyond the outer corner of the eye, following the natural shape of the lower lash line.

Creating Depth and Dimension

Layering different shades of eyeliner or eyeshadow can add depth and dimension to monolid eyes. Try dark shades on the outer corners. Use light ones on the inner corners. This creates contrast and definition.

Smudge-Proof Eyeliner Application

Setting Techniques

To prevent eyeliner from smudging or fading throughout the day, set it with a matching eyeshadow or translucent powder. This helps lock the eyeliner in place and extends its wear time.

Waterproof Options

Choosing waterproof eyeliner is also effective. It ensures long-lasting wear. This is especially true for individuals with monolids. They are prone to oiliness or moisture.

Eyeliner Styles for Different Occasions

Natural Everyday Looks

For everyday wear, opt for subtle eyeliner styles that enhance the eyes without appearing too heavy. Soft, smudged lines or tightlining can create a natural yet polished look for daytime activities.

Dramatic Evening Styles

For special occasions or evening events, feel free to experiment with bold eyeliner looks. Winged eyeliner, graphic shapes, or dramatic smoky eyes can all add flair and drama to your overall makeup look.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Overdrawing the Eyeliner

Avoid overdrawing the eyeliner, as this can make the eyes appear smaller and less defined. Instead, focus on enhancing the natural shape of your eyes and accentuating their unique features.

Skipping Primer

Skipping eyeshadow primer can lead to creasing, smudging, and uneven application of eyeliner. Invest in a quality primer to ensure smooth and long-lasting wear.

Tips for Beginners

Practice Makes Perfect

Mastering eyeliner techniques takes time and practice, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time. Experiment with different styles and techniques to find what works best for you.

Starting with Simpler Techniques

If you’re new to eyeliner, start with simpler techniques. Try tightlining or softly smudged lines before attempting more intricate looks.

Incorporating Other Eye Makeup

Eyeshadow Combinations

Pair your eyeliner with matching eyeshadow. It can make your eye makeup look better. Experiment with different color combinations and finishes to create stunning eye looks.

Mascara Application Tips

Applying mascara after eyeliner helps blend the lashes with the eyeliner. It creates a polished and cohesive look. Choose a mascara formula that adds volume and length to your lashes for maximum impact.

Eyeliner Maintenance throughout the Day

Touch-Up Strategies

Carry a travel-size eyeliner pencil or brush with you for quick touch-ups throughout the day. This ensures your eyeliner remains crisp and defined, even during long hours or in humid conditions.

Avoiding Smudging and Smearing

To prevent smudging or smearing, avoid rubbing your eyes and refrain from applying oily skincare products near the eye area. Setting your eyeliner with a translucent powder can also help lock it in place and reduce transfer.

Embracing Individuality

Experimenting with Different Styles

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different eyeliner styles and techniques to find what suits you best. Embrace your unique features and celebrate your individuality through creative makeup expression.

Celebrating Unique Features

Don’t conform to beauty standards. Celebrate your monolid eyes. They are a beautiful and unique feature that sets you apart. Confidence and self-expression are key to rocking any eyeliner look with style.

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