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AMS 700 LGX Inflatable Penile Implants- Benefits & Features

AMS 700 LGX implants are one of the top favourite three-piece inflatable implants. According to studies, the same finds takers from around 1.7 million men.

Why are AMS 700 implants so popular?

The AMS 700  implants are known to improve the length and girth of your penis. Thus, they contribute to increasing self-confidence and self-esteem.

These implants have three components that improve the overall penile function. The interconnected components include a pair of cylinders, a squeeze pump, and a reservoir. These are then placed in the corpus cavernosa while the squeeze pump is placed under the skin of the scrotum.

The fluid from the reservoir rushes to the cylinders when the pump is squeezed. This results in the cylinders inflating to offer a penis with a rigid erection.

Hence, after the Penile Rods are inserted, you can enjoy steady sexual activities. You simply need to press a button placed in the scrotum whenever they require a penis in a flaccid state. Deflation results in the fluids from the penis to return to the reservoir.

Here are some of the top features of these implants –

  • Long durability – These penile prostheses can be used for a long time. The easy-to-use function offers amazing sexual life and satisfaction. The parylene coating on the implants saves them from body fluids and damage.
  • Increases length and girth – The same is the only implant that helps you to get length and girth enlargement. According to a study, patients gain 3 cm in length and 2 cm in girth after a year of implant surgery.
  • Natural behaviour – The inflation and deflation of the implants are easy and mimic the natural penis erection.
  • Excellent concealment – The implants allow the penis to return to a flaccid state post-intercourse. However, semi-rigid implants retain stiffness even when not used for sexual intercourse. This can provide an unpleasant experience.
  • Ease of use – These implants are quite easy to use. With a gentle press of the pump, the cylinders are inflated.
  • Global warranty – These penile implants offer a global warranty. Similarly, these carry an optional inhibitor antibiotic surface treatment that helps to control infections associated with these.

What makes undergoing penile implants in India a good investment?

India has a strong healthcare system, and its medical infrastructure boasts internationally recognised names. Hospitals offering medical tourism bring state-of-the-art technology, specialists, and facilities. These are managed by a team of highly skilled workforce and administrative staff. The nation also has a range of world-renowned infertility specialists and implant experts.

The nation also has around 37 JCI-accredited hospitals and 513 NABH-recognised hospitals that promise excellent clinical outcomes. All such amazing implants are offered at a fraction of the costs paid in developed nations without compromising quality and postoperative care. The extensive availability of trained staff also ensures that you get the desired results without any waiting time.

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