8 Amazing Ways to Improve Your Writing Style in Academics

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Learn Excellent Ways to Improve Your Writing Style in Academics

It is crucial to improve your style of writing because the reader will judge your paper based on specific criteria. It includes this too, so do you want to learn excellent ways to improve your writing style in academics? If you want to or facing challenges to write a perfect one, then get personal statement service from experts. In this section, you will read about it. So, read the pointers below carefully and enhance your knowledge. Have a glance at it.

Use active voice

You must have heard from your professors and seniors to write in an active voice. Do you know why they say this? It is because when you write like this, it makes it easy for the reader to understand your message. Also, it keeps sentences from being complicated or wordy.


Don’t say: The book was given to me by Sakshi

Instead say: Sakshi gave me the book.


You should write short and simple sentences. To make it out of boring and repetitive subjects, include transitions or combine similar sentences in complex and compound sentences.


Don’t say: ” Cinderella saw her fairy godmother emerge in blue attire. She held a baton. The baton had a star on it. She was covered in glimmers.

Instead say: She asked who the lady was. The woman said I am your sprite godmother. She said she would get Cinderella apparel and a trainer. She said she would help Cinderella go to the prom.

Use the Correct Vocabulary 

Students often make such mistakes by using tough and big words. But it is always better to make your points clear and use simple language rather than using flashy words to show off when you are not sure about them and might misuse them. Moreover, using simple words can impress your reader.


Don’t say: All my family members do not speak French.

Instead say: None of my family members speak French.


Always avoid choppiness in sentences. Instead, join sentences together with conjunctions. If multiple sentences are relatable to each other, show that connection by combining both with words like and, but, or yet. However, it does not mean that you are writing a long one. You must keep it within 20 to 24 words.


Don’t say: “She cleaned the floors. They were messy. She used a mop. She moaned sadly. It was as if she were a housekeeper.”

Instead say: “She cleaned the messy floors using a mop as if she were a housekeeper. She moaned sadly.”

Use Correct Punctuation

It is crucial to understand how to use correct punctuation. So, for this, you need to keep a comma to create a pause and separate ideas in that sentence. If you want to create the end of that sentence you can use full stops. Moreover, you can get personal statement service from the experts and get your document error-free.

For example:

Don’t say: Wow that’s great news.

Instead say: Wow! That’s great news.


Try to be clear and concise with your point while writing. It means choosing words deliberately, carefully constructing sentences, and using correct grammar. In simple words, be straightforward with your point for your reader to understand it better. Also, the more you put your argument in a straight way, the chances of improving your grades increase.


Don’t say: I read in order to learn more about the world.

Instead say: I read to learn more about the world.

Keep Formal Language

Use formal language while writing an academic paper rather than using colloquialisms or in the first person. It is because by doing so, your reader will not be impressed at all. Therefore, write either in the second person or in the third person so that the reader can get a better understanding.


Don’t say: Gotta go, or stop it.

Instead say: Must depart or please cease.


Always try to avoid repetition because too much of it can dull your communication. Therefore, you can search for some synonyms and add them in place of the same words. The reader will catch you that you have used the identical words again because it becomes abrupt by reading the sentence.

Don’t say: Dolly loves dancing. Dolly thinks dancing is fun.

Instead say: Dolly loves dancing, and she thinks it is fun.


Finally, you must have understood how crucial it is to improve your writing style because it will help you improve your academic scores. Also, you must have gone through and enjoyed an insightful journey into the different ways to improve your writing in academics. However, if you are still figuring out how to write a paper, do not worry; you can get academic writing services UK and consult an expert.

They will provide you with a top-quality document that is 100% plagiarism-free. Moreover, here is advice for you; after getting a paper written by an excellent writer, you should review it and learn how they write it. So, why, and what are you still looking for? Go now and hire a professional, and leave all your stress and burden on them.

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