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Affordable Services offered by Study Abroad Consultancy in Udaipur

The dream of studying abroad comes with lots of struggles and hurdles. The greatest fear is rejection at any point. It can be either the college application or the visa request. So, choosing the right buddy can be helpful for you. The services provided by the study abroad consultancy in Udaipur include assistance in every step, from profile analysis to admission application. Here are the services that a study abroad consultant provides. Have a look.

1-1 Counselling

The primary service that a study abroad consultancy in Udaipur provides is the one-to-one counselling of the students and guardians by the experts. In this, the academic and financial profile of the aspirant is evaluated. Also, the recommendations are made based on the session. Moreover, the student shortlists the country and college in this step. So, you can look for consultants providing free 1-1 counselling to the students.

Handpicked Courses

The team of keen researchers has a list of the courses based on the choices of the migrating students. They keep an eye on the changing trends in the industry. Also, the courses are handpicked, and the suggestions depend on the academic history of the applicant. The course list will help you choose your study field as per your interest. This service will help you overcome the stress and the confusion.

Test Preparation

Since you have selected the 3Cs (college, country and course), you need to pass English proficiency tests like IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL. By clearing any one of the tests, your language skills like reading, writing, speaking and listening are determined. Thus, it gives the country a green flag about the candidate willing to enter the borders for their higher education. Even the criteria for admission include the scores of these tests.

Customized Study Plans

To prepare for the test, self-preparation might not be enough. The candidate might need classes to prepare for their skill test. Gradding, a consultancy in Udaipur, provides classes to help students crack the test. They have three plans that are suggested after the profile evaluation. The first is the crash course that lasts for three weeks. The other is the advanced course, which lasts four weeks. Last but not least is the foundation of the expert course for eight weeks. By the number of weeks, you can see which study plan you have to enroll in. The selection of a study plan will depend on your preparation and the date of the examination.

Application Assistance

A consultancy in Udaipur, like, will assist you with your admission application. They will guide you through the university intakes and provide you with aid while you write your essays. Also, they help manage all your documents before the application and alert you to everything that can be your mistake. They do so in order to avoid a refusal due to a minor inconvenience.

Financial Aid

Since higher education in foreign lands is expensive, every applicant needs to relieve their pocket and reduce the burden. The team of consultancy in Udaipur will help with your finances. They will examine your financial profile and suggest loan and scholarship options to you. The experts deeply research the ongoing schemes offered by various governments and institutes. There are two types of scholarships available. The first is need-based, which is for students with weak financial backgrounds. The other is the merit-based scholarship. It is for the scholars with excellent academic portfolios.

Smooth Visa Process

After you receive the offer letter from the university, the team will help you with your visa process. They will handle all your documents before the application. Also, all the legal papers like passports, test scorecards, and financial proofs will be verified twice before proceeding with the application. The experts will also guide you in filling out the form. The students tend to make minor mistakes in the form that leads to refusal. The alerts from the team will help you get acceptance into your dream country. A few countries like the UK need health insurance before proceeding further, so the consultants will help you choose the right (health insurance) for you.

Winding Up

In conclusion, we can say that the study abroad counsellor in Udaipur provides one-stop solutions to every problem that a study abroad aspirant might face. They help you in every possible way. Also, their online presence makes it easier to reach and solve all the queries. The small help from the experts keeps the applicants motivated and positive. This keeps them on track, which results in goal achievement. Also, they are sure that the expert’s presence will help them get into their dream college. Once they are sure about the slightest chance of denial, the applicants will do their best to achieve their lifelong dreams.

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