Advantages of Taking Golf Club Membership

Golf lovers prefer to take a golf club membership and buy the best stay-and-play game packages. A golf club membership has many more benefits than just the accommodation and facilities. 

The benefits of a membership don’t only extend to you but also to your family and guests. You can go anytime without a prior appointment to use the course to improve your pitching and putting skills. Several clubs allow reciprocal memberships that enable you to play at other clubs.  

  1. Provides excellent conditions for golfing

Joining a club will allow you to play like a pro. The club takes special care to keep the entire course in perfect condition. Professional courses like the George Golf Club have a proper maintenance schedule. The club at the foot of the Outeniqua mountains amidst spectacular landscapes has served its guests since 1906. With experienced staff, they make sure you and your guests have the best playing conditions throughout the year. They ensure the fairways are cruising, fast, and secure, and the greens are open to help you play easily on a course. With a realistic number of golfers on the course, you will also experience a reduced crowd and fewer clumps on the extensive greens.

  1. Promotes new relationships

When you frequently visit a club, you will meet several players with like-minded interests as you have. Conversations start and develop into a friendship. It is an excellent way to make personal as well as business relationships. 

  1. Family activities 

You can take your family and kids with you; they also have their entertainment sources. Take, for instance, the Mt Edgecombe golf club. While you enjoy your game of golf, the club offers several other activities for your friends, and guests can also be a part of this fun and excitement. The club provides facilities like a clubhouse, and besides a good round of golf, the venue furnishes world-class conference rooms, restaurants, expert golf tuition, practice facilities, and tennis, squash, and bowling clubs. You can go shopping and visit some of the tourist attractions nearby. You and your guests will love the respect and pampering and feel at home at the club.

  1. Easy admission: 

You will not have to run around to find a tee time on the weekend mornings. Having a golf membership gives you preferential access to the course at any time of the year. By becoming a member of one of the affiliated clubs, you can get an official handicap should you decide you want one and walk in without any booking, even during peak hours. 

  1. Sharpens your golfing skills

When you associate with a club, it gives you easy access to participate in golfing lessons. Take advantage of these sessions if you are a newcomer or an intermediate-level golfer. PGA professionals will teach you the rules of the game and teach you swing techniques. Learning these techniques will help you win over a challenging hole in the course. 

Events at George Golf: Where Golf Meets Celebration

Experience golf with a touch of celebratory spirit! George Golf doesn’t just host tournaments; it curates events that bring golfers together in a spirit of celebration. From festive competitions to themed gatherings, the club transforms golfing into a joyous social affair. It’s not just about the scorecard; it’s about creating lasting memories.

Environmental Stewardship: George Golf’s Commitment to Nature

George Golf is not just a golf course; it’s a guardian of the environment. With a commitment to environmental stewardship, the club ensures that every swing contributes to preserving the natural beauty that makes George Golf unique. Golf here isn’t just a sport; it’s a pledge to protect the majestic ecosystem that surrounds the course.


Join a club, that provides the best stay-and-play packages and facilities such as subsidized activities, outings, tennis courts, gym memberships, special events, and the option to purchase golf items at a discount.

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