Advantages of Custom notebooks for all

In this section, you will find customizable notebooks and notebooks: an exclusive range of items for taking notes, writing, drawing, and jotting down your thoughts uniquely and originally. Our products are ideal for those who want a personalized writing instrument, ideal for expressing their creativity or for promoting their brand. They can be placed in your bag, briefcase, car, and backpack and are essential for taking notes, writing down an appointment, or the passwords you use every day. There are so many models of custom notebooks to choose from that vary in price, finishes, dimensions, and materials, that it will be impossible not to find the personalized notebook or notebook that best suits your brand’s philosophy and your pocket.

Importance of some traditional tools

We live constantly connected to our technological devices and we often forget the importance of some traditional tools that continue to be present in our lives. They are pocket-sized gadgets, easily consultable, and allow you to put your notes or ideas in black and white. These are just some of the advantages: in this article, we will help you discover the benefits of custom notebooks for your employees. Small or large, with rings or elastic, with a plastic or cardboard cover, these objects have the great advantage of always being able to be personalized with the name, company logo, or the message you wish to convey.

What elements should you pay attention to?

The promotional notebook

Notepads are used for writing, taking notes or creating to-do lists. You can use them at home for shopping lists or telephone numbers but also in the office to mark meetings with colleagues or clients. The type of paper for personalized notebooks must be selected with the utmost care; there are sheets with different weights and page colors. There are many offers on the market and it is important to be clear about your needs before making a purchase.


A small notebook is convenient to always keep in your bag or pocket and is useful for jotting down to-do lists or appointments. Large, high-quality notebooks are best suited for taking notes during formal meetings, sketching out new projects, or drawing. Custom notebooks are often not simply a set of pages on which to take notes but can be much more. There are multifunction notebooks with built-in pen and pencil, post it, page markers and document pocket.


The cover can be made of different materials. In more wear-resistant plastic, in elegant and easy-to-handle PU or in recycled paper for those who are more environmentally conscious. In all cases, the company logo, a specific graphic or any slogan you wish to communicate can be printed on the cover and back.

Notebooks to give as gifts

Notebooks represent useful gadgets, always valid and suitable for any business occasion. An original idea for welcoming new hires is the welcome kit, consisting of a diary, pen and pencil. Or you can prepare a welcome gift for trade fairs or corporate conventions: the notepads can be taken anywhere to convey your advertising message to a large audience. Thanks to this gesture your corporate reputation will be associated with something useful and functional.

Eco-friendly notebook

Custom notebooks are the gift that best fits in your purse or backpack. They are appreciated as school gadgets by pupils and teachers.

Personalized notebook with pen

The sets of notepads with the company logo are gadgets to give as gifts at conferences and trade fairs. Personalized notebook and pen sets are the perfect complete package for brand awareness.  Visitors and customers will appreciate having sets of notebooks with personalized pens to keep in their purses or work bags.


The digital age has brought with it many changes: we spend much more time online both for work and leisure. We often lose sight of the things to do and think of remembering them by writing them down on our cell phone. It’s a shame that these devices often make us lose concentration and consequently also attention on the things to do. For this reason Diagonal Horizon believes that a notebook is a gift appreciated by those who want to keep track of their work and study commitments, becoming more productive and regaining contact with writing.

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