A Useful And Comprehensive Guide To Maintaining Your Car Efficiently

You do not have a wrong desire if you want the exterior of your car to look attractive. However, only an attractive look would not keep you safe on the roads. Aesthetic looks apart but your car is, after all, a machine. You have to keep the components of this machine healthy to ensure proper performance and safety on the roads.

A beautiful car is useless if it has many faulty components. Therefore, regular Car Repair Bromsgrove is a mandatory task for every car driver. Regular visits to a service station will keep your car healthy for a long time. As a result, the same vehicle will serve you without the need for a new vehicle.

Moreover, proper car servicing enhances the overall performance of your vehicle. It runs smoothly on roads and never stops working suddenly to increase your blood pressure.

Proper car serving keeps major issues away from your vehicle since the mechanic already checks every vital component of your vehicle for mechanical issues. He repairs them immediately if he finds any mechanical faults in the vehicle.

Proper maintenance of the vehicle is essential for its resale value. Buyers do not want to buy a car that is not in good condition. A buyer may want service history and documents like a MOT certificate to make sure that you have maintained your vehicle efficiently. Proper maintenance is essential for this reason as well.

All these benefits and reasons make it clear that you must keep your vehicle in good condition.

Proper car servicing needs the help of a professional mechanic. If you have bought a car, you need to look at the user manual that you have gotten with your vehicle. This document provides proper information about the car servicing schedule. According to the car servicing schedule, you have to visit the service center for a full checkup of your car at regular intervals.

When you visit the car service center, the mechanic will check your car for mechanical faults and he will repair the problems as well.

Car servicing is even necessary if you have been using your vehicle for many years.

Generally, a vehicle requires full checkup and maintenance at 5000 miles and after that; you have to check your vehicle with a mechanic every 5000 to 10000 miles.

There are many things that you can do to keep your car fit and fine for a long time. You do not need the help of a mechanic to perform these simple tasks. However, visiting a garage is mandatory to check a new car according to the servicing schedule for new cars.

When Should You Get a Car Service?

According to your user manual, you have to visit the garage for the following types of car services:

Interim Service

You have to visit the service center to have this service when your car completes 6 months or 6000 miles. This service is extremely important for the health of your vehicle. So, ignoring this schedule may lead to several visible or invisible issues in your vehicle.

Full Car Service:

Full car service checks your vehicle after 12 months or 12000 miles, whatever comes first. This is an annual service and it includes all the car parts that were a part of the interim car service along with extra checkups.

Major Car Service:

You need to check your car with the help of this service every 24 months or 24000 miles. This service includes every car component that your mechanic checked during the full service.

Since this is the most comprehensive service, the mechanic is going to check the most vital components during the service.

You must visit the service center to maintain your car regularly. Moreover, you must see your mechanic when you observe danger signs in your car. These signs show that your car has internal faults that you must fix with the help of your mechanic. In the case of observing these signs, you must not wait for any schedule. You have to visit the service center instantly.

Respond instantly whenever you see the following signs in your vehicle:


Drivers are familiar with every normal activity of their vehicle. Therefore, they can detect easily if they observe unusual vibrations in any part of the vehicle. Tires, steering, and seat are some common points where vibrations are possible to prove that your car is in not good condition.

Warning Lights on the Dashboard:

Nowadays, the car comes with interesting features to solve various problems. One of these features is warning lights. You will observe that the warning light on your dashboard is on if it has faults.

This can function as a service reminder and the same may tell you about mechanical issues in the vehicle.

Strange Sounds:

You may hear strange sounds like ticks, hisses, or squeaking because of the presence of mechanical faults in your vehicle.

Some sounds occur when you perform certain activities like pressing the brake pedal. Other sounds come from certain parts of the vehicle. A professional should check the parts of your vehicle when you hear any unusual sound.

Leakage in the Vehicle:

The leakage of fluids like steering fluid, brake fluid, and engine oil in your car is also a warning sign. In this case, you have to visit a garage for a full checkup of your vehicle.

Final Words

Proper maintenance of your vehicle provides a lot of benefits. Car makers want you to have these benefits. Therefore, they provide a user manual to ensure proper maintenance. You will be able to keep your vehicle healthy for a long time if you follow the instructions. Moreover, visit a garage instantly if you observe any unusual signs in your vehicle. Ignoring these signs will increase the severity of the problem.

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