A Three-Month Strategy for the SSC Exam Preparation

Are you getting ready to take the SSC exam? With only three months until the exam, it’s time to buckle down and plan ahead of time. The SSC is one of India’s most desired government exams, conducted by the Staff Selection Commission board.  Well, to pass it needs careful planning and preparation. One of the most often asked questions by students is how to prepare for SSC CGL rapidly.

The solution is not as difficult as it seems. You only need to put quality time for study and executive strategy to crack the exam on the first attempt. In this post, we will go over all of the important components of the approach, such as the exam pattern, syllabus, preparation advice, and so on. At the end of this, you will have a clear concept of how to approach your preparation for the SSC exam in the next three months and increase your chances of success.

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Let’s Learn How to Follow the Three-Month Study Strategy for the SSC Exam:

First Month Strategy

In the first month of the preparation do the following things stepwise:

Syllabus and Exam pattern

Visit the official website of the government exams to thoroughly understand the exam format and syllabus. This will let you understand the exam’s structure, the marking of each section, and the number of questions included in the exam. Most importantly, provides you an opportunity to review your learning ability by giving you an idea of what part you need more practice. 

Study Material

Collect study material from advanced collections, such as textbooks, short notes, or online material, whatever you are supposed to be authentic. Additionally, gathering previous year’s papers is also beneficial for you to learn smartly. 

Solve mock tests

After finishing your exam syllabus. Make a habit to solve the mock tests. This will evaluate your learning ability on a particular topic. Also, provide you with a picture of the real exam. So that you can prepare yourself for the final exam in a fantastic way. Identification of your strong and weak points can also be gained by solving previous years’s papers

Second month strategy

In the second month follow the below strategy:

Concentrate on weak areas 

It is important to get your hands on areas that are difficult for you. Because it has a great impact on your overall score. What you can do about this is to spend more time with them as compared to the easy subjects. 

Time management

Time management is a crucial aspect that one should have to clear the exam on the first attempt. Set a timer while practicing the question papers, so that you can notice how much time you have spent on one question. Additionally, divide your subjects into smaller chunks to make your learning easy. At last, accuracy and speed will also be acquired by solving frequent papers. 

Third month strategy

In the last month of preparation, follow the below suggestions rigorously:

Do revision

Just reading once is not sufficient to crack the exam. You have to do multiple times revisions of the learned topics. This will test your memorization and weaknesses that you need to improve to enhance your overall performance on the exam. 

Speed and accuracy

Work on your accuracy and speed in the last month by solving problems daily. For this, collect previous year’s papers or mock tests and try to solve them with various methods. So that you can choose the most prominent method from all methods. 

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Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, no doubt it is difficult to crack SSC the exam on the first attempt due to high competitiveness. But following the above three-month strategy will let you enhance your chances of success in the examination. 

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