A Detailed Description Of Top 5 BI Development Tools

If you are still managing and processing your data with your hand or manually, you are leading towards the degradation of your business. As technology or robots come into existence are smart enough to do this stuff and you can focus on other core stuff of the business to expand it further. Sorting data and processing it carefully will make you make well-informed decisions that directly affect the spike of your business. Thus, rely on BI solutions  tools to simplify your process of data compilation, organization, analysis, and visualization. Tens of thousands of BI tools are available out in the market but not every one of those is quite efficient for your Business. 

Therefore, give this article a read as top BI tools are listed here along with the value or perks they can bring forth for your business. Let’s start directly with the need for BI solutions without wasting even another second. 

Why does someone need BI development tools?

The perks of choosing BI development tools consist of helping organizations analyze customer behavior and potential areas that can raise the user experience and increase sales. Teams can track their performance, form new tactics and strategies, and inspect the results that these plans are bringing. 

Besides all this, witness what are the benefits that your business can gain after going ahead with BI solutions. 

Benefits of Going Ahead with BI Development Tools

BI tools can assist your business in taking smart, simple, or agile steps towards accomplishing the bigger goals that they set for their business. Apart from this, it can provide your business with a bag full of benefits and these are all:

  • Centralized Data

All of your data gets collected at a single place or spot. All the companies gather data from numerous sources like CRM, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), databases, portals, and more. To drive some meaningful insights out of these huge pools of data, take the assistance of BI development tools to accumulate data at a single spot and gain valuable information from it. It consists of issues, trends, and analytics based on the requirements that you want.

  • Predictive analytics

By having access to the data that is collected from past and present, companies can make evidence-based decisions. Predictive analytics allows users to acquire insights based on product and service earlier performance data. If there are any changes in the business performance, BI solutions can automatically detect the abnormalities and notify you so you can take action against the disruption that emerges. 

  • Reduction of Business costs 

Go with BI development tools as they can do a lot for your business. From analyzing consumer behavior to sales forecasting to real-time process inspection, it can let you have accurate information. It helps them in analyzing, planning, and reporting and most of the BI tools users said that it lets them cut down their costs and elevate their revenue. 

  • Automation of reports

Most of the BI tools are automated thus it will save you from manually feeding the data in the spreadsheet and it eradicates the need to shift between different tools. Suppose, you are in need to have a report, the tool will automatically generate it for you without any hassle. If the information you received and found necessary and looking to add to a presentation, you are free to create enthralling visualizations and download any charts or graphs according to your business needs. 

BI Development Tools You Should Know About

A plethora of BI Development tools are available now in the market today. To determine which one is the best is quite tough as it depends mainly on the needs of your project. Here are some of the BI tools that are mainly preferred by people or companies. If you want to inculcate any of such, look for BI Solutions from a reputed partner like OrangeMantra and walk towards the objectives you set up for yourself. 

  • Microsoft Power BI

One of the widely used or popular BI tools is Power BI backed by Microsoft. This is a downloadable software that permits you to perform analytics on the cloud or in a reporting server. This useful tool can easily sync with Facebook, Oracle, and more apps to create reports and dashboards in no time. It also comprises in-built AI capabilities, data connectors, and Excel integration. Web app Furthermore, it offers the privilege of getting access to end-to-end data encryption and monitoring as well in real-time. 

  • Dundas BI

Dundas BI is a browser-based BI development tool that lets users with a drag-and-drop function extract data independently without even caring to involve their IT team a bit. Businesses take advantage of this tool because of its high flexibility and simplicity through compelling dashboards, detailed reports, and visual analytics. Now, it has evolved as a core analytic BI tool that can easily make its place in then today’s competitive landscape. 

  • Qlik

If you want to have a self-service approach from BI development tools, Qlik is then the ideal alternative for you. It assisted various analytics use cases from inspecting the app to customizing the analytics as per the need. With this tool, you will receive a user-friendly interface with touchscreen, AI, and high-performing cloud platforms. It gives users free hands to pose questions and unleash all the actionable insights that escalate the data literacy of those who are quite new to the BI tools. 

  • Sisense 

Sisense is a user-friendly BI tool that is mainly directed towards being simplified and streamlined. With this tool, you can export data from verified sources like Google Analytics, Salesforce, and more. It has an in-chip technology that enables the completion of data processing faster in comparison to other tools. Moreover, it permits you to share reports and dashboards externally with your team members without any hassle. 

Final Words!

BI development tools that are listed here can take your data and transform it into something visually captivating or engaging that is easy to analyze and understand rather than a spreadsheet. These tools can automate your tasks and give you some free time to let you focus on your business’s core aspects. With android app development , you can make well-informed decisions to fulfill all the objectives that you imagined to meet. 


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