A complete checklist to choose the best PPC package in 2024

Online advertisement is one of the crucial aspects of digital marketing. It not only increases the business outreach to the audience but also drive higher ROIs and enhance brand value and positioning. If you look at most marketing strategies, you will realize these are usually segmentalized into different parts, like affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, and many more. Out of these, PPC or Pay-Per-Click approach is a more rational, affordable, and high result-yielding online marketing techniques. 

Most digital marketing companies offer multifarious PPC service packages, depending on variables like process complexity, target audience, expected outreach, client’s industry, and many more. Before outsourcing PPC service to a third-party company, your most essential job is to decide the package suitable for your business needs. Below we have illustrated a few factors to be considered to compare the PPC packages and make a well-informed decision. 

Understanding PPC package types

Most companies offer three types of PPC service packages, namely beginner, advanced, and enterprise. The offerings of each such package will vary, which is why knowing about them in detail is crucial. You can connect with the company’s PPC consultant to learn about the offerings for each package type and the service access you will have. Below we have briefly described these packages to give you an overview of the offerings most third-party PPC servicing companies propose. 

  1. Beginner package: Such a package is suited for startups and small-scale businesses who either want to try the benefits of PPC or have minimal budget. It covers a single advertisement campaign and focus on basic audience outreach, keyword optimization, content marketing, and campaign monitoring and analysis. 
  2. Advanced package: Businesses who already had the taste of PPC, have an established audience base, or wish to enhance the brand recognition can opt for the advanced packages. Here, multiple campaigns are handled under a single package with detailed analytical and reporting services. 
  3. Enterprise package: Companies looking forward to increase their brand outreach, implement domain transformation, or target a larger audience section chose enterprise PPC service package. The customer outreach offered is quite high along with enhanced growth.

Knowing what’s inclusive in the packages

As there are several companies offering PPC service packages, your next task will be to know about the inclusive services in detail. This way you can shortlist the companies whose offerings meet your business needs and can help solve the pain problems with ease. Following are a few inclusive services most experienced and reputed companies propose in their packages. 

  1. Campaign setup: Here, the PPC professionals will gather your business requirements, target audience, budget, and other such information. Based on these, they will plan the campaign and PPC strategy thoroughly and start working on setting up the campaign. 
  2. Campaign management: This includes management of the campaign post its rollout, monitoring of the campaign KPIs, and other verticals influencing the success rate. Usually, most companies assign a dedicate campaign manager so that they can easily oversee the operations and scale the strategies as and when needed.
  3. Conversion monitoring and reporting: One of the major services included in the PPC service packages is conversion monitoring and reporting. Here, the professionals track the performance of the campaigns using different types of KPIs and generate appropriate reports for decision-making process. 
  4. Testing and optimization: The PPC professionals conduct a thorough testing of the campaign strategies before rollout so that they can understand the loopholes and optimize them on time. This way the negative impact on the target audience and the end results is reduced while ensuring minimal business disruption. 
  5. Ongoing support and consultation: Most third-party digital marketing companies offering PPC services provide ongoing support and consultation to their clients. This is to ensure the real-time issues with the campaign strategy and performance can be resolved promptly. 

Cost structure of the packages

The next thing you should focus on is understanding the cost structure of the PPC service packages. Usually, the cost proposed depends on the following aspects:

  1. Services included in the PPC package
  2. Type of PPC package chosen
  3. Extent of customer reach and business growth 
  4. Client expectations and business goals
  5. Complexity of the campaigns 

So, based on these factors, you can request for a proposal quote from the concerned PPC service provider. Ensure to ask for a price breakup to understand the cost structure and know more about any hidden charges and add-on expenses. You can ask for further clarity regarding these overheads so that the final price won’t be different from the proposal amount. Also, it is crucial to compare the proposed quote amount for the chosen PPC package with your business budget. This way you can easily select the package that won’t cross your set budget and cause a financial crunch in the future. However, do not compromise on the service quality and offerings as that will directly impact your business growth and target audience outreach negatively.


In this article, we have discussed the three most important factors to be included in the checklist to compare different PPC service packages and choose the best one. Connect with the consultants at the earliest to understand about the benefits of this online advertisement approach for your business and make a data-driven decision.

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