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A Brief Idea of the Types of Nurses and Their Job Roles

Nursing as a job is a huge responsibility. It is all about caring for the people who need it. Nurses generally work at hospitals, clinics, and old age homes but there are many other places where one can find them working. It is considered to be one of the most trusted professions because it is related to the lives of people. Everyone does encounter the nurses once in their lives and has been taken care of by them. For carrying out all these responsibilities it is important for the students to enroll in the nursing course and pass them efficiently. They must also understand how to solve the practical assignments that are provided to the nurses. In case they encounter any issues, nursing assignment help services can be contacted. They are reliable services that provide assignments for nursing students.

Types of Nurses:

Nursing has many parts and types. Here the discussion would be on the main types that are generally seen in almost every healthcare organization. They are as follows:

Registered Nurses:

These nurses are graduated by the Nurse and Midwives Board and are licensed under the Nursing Act. They hold a position of higher responsibility. Their main job role is to manage the duties of the units which might consist of managers, team leaders, or, even administrators. Their job roles might also include medical administration, management of patients, assessment of the issues in patients, and specialized nursing care. All in all, it is understood that these nurses have more responsibilities to carry out as compared to the other kinds of nurses.

Enrolled Nurses:

Enrolled nurses are the second type of nurses who work under the registered nurses.  They work under the supervision of registered nurses which might be direct or indirect. These nurses are responsible for their actions and are involved in providing nursing care to all they need. They have different tasks which need to be carried out depending on the place they work. It generally includes observing, measuring, and taking down the vital stats of the patients. These are to be reported by the nurses and the doctors and they too take part in providing hygiene, comfort, and first aid to the patients in normal and emergency situations. These nurses are trained through the diploma courses.

Nursing Assistant:

As the name suggests, these are assistants in the nursing field and are not technical nurses. They perform their duties under the supervision of registered nurses. Their work and job roles depend on the place they work which can be assisting in the hygiene of patients such as showering, toileting, repositioning, or helping in the mobility of the patients. Assistants in nursing also take part in taking care of aged care workers, personal assistants, health service assistants, etc. They have certificate degrees in acute care or aged care and even enrolled themselves in the process of becoming registered nurses.

Clinical Nurses:

These are the nurses who are registered and hold the same responsibilities as those of the registered nurses. The only difference between them is the number of years they have worked in the field of nursing. Clinical nurses have more knowledge in terms of skills such as leadership, and work qualities and use the advanced knowledge when they plan for the patient care, performing the clinical skills at an advanced level and can also teach the less experienced staff about the clinical practices. While learning these traits, the assessment for the same is provided as well. These assignments must be solved properly in order to get an idea of the type of duties they perform. These assignments can be solved by assessment help services. They have experts who provide solutions to the assignment and help the students pass the course.


Midwives are the health professionals who generally work with women and provide them with necessary support, advice, and care in the time they are pregnant, in labor, and after pregnancy which is the postpartum period. They Have been involved in taking care of the birth and providing care to the newborn and the mother post-birth for a long time. They have the ability to get an idea of the complications that women might have during pregnancy and childbirth. Moreover, they are educated about all these through specialized education and are licensed under the registered nurses who have midwifery questions. Also, they are involved in health counseling and educating the woman and her family about childbirth.

Nurse Practitioner:

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who function autonomously and collaboratively in an extended cynical role environment. The nurse orcationer’s job role is dependent on professional values, knowledge, and theories, and carries out steps which help in giving flexible health care delivery. They also have to take care of the direct referrals of the patients to the professionals of healthcare, provide medications and medicines as per their needs, and take care of the diagnostic investigations.

Other than these there are few skills that nurses of all levels and departments must portray. They are:

  • Leadership skills portray the establishment of proper decision-making in taking care of patients and workers.
  • Emotional intelligence would help in managing the conflicts between nurses and other stakeholders.
  • Following legislation and rules of nursing
  • Compassion toward people and subordinates
  • Clinical expertise
  • Good communication skills which include verbal, written, and interpersonal
  • High level of professionalism.


Nursing is a complicated and time-consuming subject that must be taken care of efficiently. For these reasons, students might get help from experts in the nursing field.  Nursing assignment help services can assist you with everything from research to editing. The services have experts who take care of all types of assignments which are given to the students. They make sure that while solving the assignment the quality of written material is maintained. The assignments are important and carry quite a lot of marks. Therefore writing the nursing assignment properly becomes necessary to make sure of having good grades in the overall course.

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