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9 Breathing Exercises Before Bed for Sleep and Anxiety

Ayurvedic Medicne for Good Sleep

Many of us undergo a problem of sleep deprivation or sleep apnea and it happens to affect our health negatively. It might set up chronic disorders like imbalances in sugar levels, disruption in the process of digestion, impaired cognitive abilities, shortened memory, enhanced blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. Lack of sleep shows up on the face in the form of dark circles and wrinkle formation. And thus leading to early aging and reduction in skin quality. Problems are endless concerning sleep deprivation.

There are certainly some best exercises for better sleep:

1. Yoga and meditation

Studies done on specific groups of people came with evidence that regular problems of sleep apnea can be controlled by yoga and meditation. Asanas help in relaxing the nervous system and revitalizing the brain cells. One can experience varying stages of restoration from head to toe by practicing 15 minutes to 30 minutes of yoga and meditation. Practicing Surya mudra by raising the hand, bending the ring finger and pressing it with the thumb will cleanse the impurities and relieve stress from the mind. It will help in balancing the sleep-wake cycle.

2. Aerobic exercise 

Our lethargic habits or sedentary lifestyles happen to cause obesity and cardiovascular disorders. Due to high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetic conditions, our sleep gets disrupted. A full-body exercise will help destress the nerves of your body, stimulating effective blood circulation and recharging your brain cells.  Practice such full-body aerobic exercises like swimming, biking, jogging and walking regularly to stabilize your sleep apnea is better to stick to moderate-intensity exercise which will have a better calming effect than any high-intensity exercise.

3. Smooth breathing techniques

It may be too difficult to overcome the stressful conditions that may arise from excessive workload in the office or at school. You may be worrying about the family and relationships. Some people cannot sleep properly due to poor breathing conditions and asthma. Such conditions may be depriving you of getting relaxing and rejuvenating sleep. Consuming prescription-based sleeping pills may be far more risky for you. It would not let you have normal and natural sleep ever. On the contrary, The gentle process of inhaling and exhaling through breathing techniques lowers stress enhancing cortisol levels, stimulating melatonin production and calming down the nerves.

4. Tai Chi exercises

Tai chi, a form of martial art that originated in China involves slow and light movements and aids in calming down the restless mind and body. These movements enable the person to gain flexibility and control over their stress. Many elderly people suffer from cognitive disabilities and thus experience an interruption in sleep throughout the night. Performing tai chi movements outdoors would bring better results in overcoming poor sleeping habits. Because you will get an opportunity to be in close contact with nature and experience improvement in mental and physical health conditions. And so, it would positively impact your sleep. Though underrated, Tai chi is one of the most effective exercises for better sleep.

5. Strength training

Undergoing the state of physical exhaustion is required to enhance energy levels and stimulate the need for relaxation and sleep. It does help in balancing your sleep circadian or sleep-wake cycle. Regular strength training or weight lifting activity stimulates exhaustion of the body and thus aids in releasing endorphins and serotonin and managing stress. Lifting the weight and keeping it down will tone the muscles and improve the density of the bones. It can be three times as effective as any other exercise in improving the breathing mechanism and inducing natural and restorative sleep.

6. Stretching

In the state of wakefulness, you tend to overuse the muscles existing in different parts of the body which are the neck, calves, hamstrings and quad. Such consistent overuse can be a threat to your bones and joint health.

If you are unable to gain access to natural sleep then you can involve yourself in stretching activities. It will induce the flow of blood through the body and release muscle tension. Cat cow posture, Bal asana or doing certain movements with the neck would aid in boosting flexibility with the flow of blood and helping you to experience relaxation in tiresome muscles.

7. Progressive muscle relaxation

You can work on the groups of muscles in your body to experience release from tension and stress which may seem to be bothering you and depriving you from gaining proper sleep. This progressive muscle relaxation technique can be done under any condition, You may have to sit or lie down to practice this exercise regularly.

Breathe slowly and gently through the nose and squeeze the muscles of your hands like the way you press lemons to prepare lemonade. You can also do progressive muscle relaxation by squeezing the muscles of your hips and buttocks and involving yourself in the process of inhaling and exhaling. It will remove your migraine attacks, and high blood pressure and enable you to balance your sleep-wake cycle. You can do this one of the easiest exercises for better sleep every day.

8. Pilates Exercises

Participating in pilates exercises can improve your flexibility and help you gain relaxation and relief from stress. Such exercises range from simple to complex forms which can help in aligning your body mechanism, stimulating easy breathing and mobility. such exercises involve rotational movements of your spine and preparing you for restful sleep. Breathwork involves lying on the floor, knees bent, feet on the floor, and hands on the rib cage. Shoulder bridge, lateral flexion, spinal rotation, and extension increase movement and flexibility.

9. Light Resistance Training

By focusing on specific muscle groups, you can practice light resistance or lightweight activity with the help of low weights or resistance bands. Such activities will aid in recovering from depression, stress and anxiety and releasing endorphins and stimulating relaxation.

Medication for better sleep

The secret of natural, deep and restorative sleep lies in the Ayurvedic Medicine for Mind Care like Ayur Sleep. Thousands of people are it to recover from the problems that interrupt their natural sleep.. Its composition of ashwagandha and valerian root will help you combat sleeping disorders and stimulate balance in the sleep-wake cycle. It would not cause any side effects. You can take 2 capsules each day during bedtime with warm milk and experience uninterrupted natural sleep of 7 to 8 hours.

And so to conclude further, you will be able to overcome health issues related to the heart, digestive system, and liver disorders and experience the maximum benefits of sleep.


Lack of sleeplessness for a long time may not let you live longer. You will gradually fall sick and suffer from varying complications related to the heart, kidneys, joints and digestive system. You can of course experience some improvements over your dwindling health conditions caused by sleep apnea by practicing certain physical activities and mindfulness. Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha and valerian in capsule form can further cleanse the toxicity which is depriving you of gaining natural and rejuvenative sleep.

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