8 Best Ways To Get Nanites In No Man’s Sky

Nanites are a rare type of money in No Man’s Sky that can be used to buy upgrades and important things.

You can fly planes, go through worlds, fight pirates, and more in No Man’s Sky, an open-world space adventure game. As they do this, they can find many ways to make money that they can use to improve their tools and guns or buy supplies. In the game, you can use either Units or Nanites as money.

The more rare of the two is the naninite, which can be used to buy unique things like plans and upgrade modules for the Exosuit, Exocraft, and Multi-Tool. Since players can’t get Nanites anywhere, it takes a while to collect them, but getting the best gear is well worth the wait. In No Man’s Sky, there are five ways to get Nanites.

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