#7 tips from emergency tyre repairing professionals on maintenance

Professionals on proper maintenance of your car tyres

Regular maintenance of the tyres of your vehicle is a crucial task and it cannot be ignored under any circumstance. It not only extends the life of your tyres but also keeps you safe on the road while driving. According to experts regular maintenance and care for your car tyres also helps you enjoy better fuel efficiency of your vehicle. It also reduces the chances of tyre blowouts and punctures to a large extent. In the following sections of the post let us explore few basics of care and maintenance tips for your tyres.

Basics of tyre care and maintenance

  • Rotation of tyres in their position

Skilled and experienced tyre mechanics suggest you must rotate the positions of tyres in your car or vehicle periodically in a specific pattern. This pattern depends largely upon the type of vehicle in question and you must follow the instructions of your vehicle manufacturer in this regard. The basics of tyre rotation are to ensure your tyres wear evenly. Moreover it also facilitates extending the life of the tyres to a considerable extent.

  • Stop driving rash and rather focus on driving within speed limits

Rash driving not only puts your life and safety at risk but also cuts down the life of your tyres considerably. When you drive recklessly at higher speed your vehicle strikes speed bumps as well as potholes more forcefully. This damages the structural integrity of the tyres. Even applying sudden brakes and rash driving take immense toll on the sidewalls of tyres. In order to extend the life of your tyres you must at all times slowdown your car while approaching a speed bump or a pothole.

  • Never mix or mismatch your tyres

On any given vehicle you must use tyres of the same size and specification. The easiest solution to get the perfect tyres for your vehicle is to go for the type that was originally provided by the manufacturer. Those tyres satisfy all the unique requirements of your vehicle and those tyres also help your car attain optimal performance unlike any other tyre in the world, explains a trained and experienced 24 hour urgent tyre repair mechanic in London. So, when you are replacing your tyres you should make sure to get the similar brand and variety of tyres. However you may go for other brand provided it matches all the prerequisite specifications of your specific vehicle.

  • There should never be extreme spinning of tyres

While on an off road drive there is always the possibility that your vehicle may get stuck in mud or sand. To get yourself out of this stranding you step on the accelerator a little harder and this results in spinning of the wheels. As a result of this entire situation the tyres experience greater friction and get overheated. This way the tyres get severely damaged. So what are you going to do when faced with this kind of situations to set your car free? The expert suggests you just try taking a gentle back and forth rocking motion and if that is done properly then your car will become free from the mess it got stuck into almost in no time.

  • Stop overloading your vehicle

Overloading your vehicle is always bad for the tyres. An overloaded vehicle always exposes its tyres as well as other parts to excess stress. Overloading of a car has many negative impacts ranging from decreased fuel efficiency, poor handling and control to severe damages to the tyres. While changing your tyres it is crucial that you select tyres that have the correct load capacity and rim width as required by your particular vehicle. This ensures correct distribution of load and there is no adverse effect on your car from incorrect distribution of load. If you go through the manufacturer’s manual you will find there is a parameter called load index clearly specified. It denotes the maximum load a tyre can bear at the recommended air pressure or inflammation. Your tyres must match this load index specified in the manual.

  • Get your tyres serviced periodically to optimise their performance and extend their life

According to trained and skilled professionals who provide the service of emergency tyre repair in London you must have your tyres examined at frequent intervals. This helps extending their life to a large extent. External abnormalities in a tyre are not difficult to gauge and that can be done by a quick physical inspection. But for an internal assessment you may need more thorough inspection and diagnosis. You should always get your tyres examined only by skilled and experienced tyre mechanics at trusted tyre repairing shops. These days, mobile tyre repairers have great demand in the UK. These repairers provide their service 24/7 round the clock and quote much more competitive pricing than conventional garages. These professionals are also highly reliable in carrying out periodic inspection of your tyres.

  • Never withheld tyre repairing

A tyre may develop a minor damage like a small crack, a puncture or a tiny cut. These minor damages are usually repairable although, every damage your tyre sustains may not be within the repairable limits and thus repairing may not be possible. If damage is repairable then you should never delay repairing it. Driving a vehicle on a tyre that is already damaged only increases the damage. Gradually the damage becomes deeper and become irreversible. This is when you are left with no other option but to replace the damaged tyre with a new one.

When you drive your car on a tyre that is already punctured it brings severe stress on the tyre. The stress may even damage the structural integrity of the wheel rim permanently. Even the sidewalls of the damaged tyre may get badly weakened. A tyre that has compromised sidewalls is as good as irreparable. Considering this it is important to get a damaged tyre repaired immediately without any delay.

It is relevant mentioning that maintenance and care for your tyres are as crucial as caring for the vehicle itself. According to professionals who provide the service of 24 hour emergency tyre repairing in London checking the tread depth of your tyres from time to time is important to maintain stability of a vehicle while driving through adverse road and climatic conditions. The deeper the treads are the better grip on the road surface and higher performance the tyres will provide. It is time to get an existing tyre replaced if its tread depth drops below 1.6 mm.

Caring for your tyres is essential for safe driving and avoiding breakdowns. The emergency tyre repair professionals at 24hr Mobile Tyre Repair London provide 7 key maintenance tips to maximize your tyres’ lifespan. For expert mobile tyre services and advice, call the trusted team at 24hr Mobile Tyre Repair London today.

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