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7 Surprising Uses for Pressure Washing Services in Fresno

Pressure washing is an innovative and effortless way to clean your home from inside and outside. Simply watching the cleaning process with a high-pressure jet of water is so satisfying. However, this technique requires skills and specific approaches which you can witness with Pressure Washing Services In Fresno

It is one of the most effective techniques used to remove dirt, grime, mold, and all unwanted substances without rigorous rubbing and damaging the floor. Pressure washing is a traditional application that reaches every corner leaving no dirt behind. 

Apart from window and deck cleaning, it has a range of applications. Do you wonder what? Let’s dive into details to find the answer.  

What Are The Applications Of Pressure Washing Services

No matter which part of your house is experiencing dirt, muck, and buildup, pressure washing is the ultimate solution. Here are some common applications of pressure washing services. 


Almost everyone has fencing around the perimeter of the homes. These are exposed to snow, rainwater, storms, and all natural stressors leaving them dirty and discolored. No one wants to come home to such an unpleasant sight and even accidentally get dirt on themselves while working in the backyard or leaving the house.

In this scenario, the role of pressure washing services comes in. They remove all accumulated dirt and buildup with a single session.

Outdoor Cleaning 

Outdoor furniture experiences all seasons throughout the year. Pressure washing helps you maintain the furniture in good condition by removing the layer of dirt, and mold accumulated over time. If you want to keep your home welcoming, spare some time to get your outdoor furniture ready for the season with pressure washing services. 

Graffiti and Paint 

Graffiti and spots of paint look uninviting and unsightly on exterior surfaces. Pressure washing is a highly effective method for cleaning paint layers, and graffiti tags from fences, sidewalks, and other surfaces. 

The constant stream of pressure spray strips away annoying paint stains without damaging the underlying surface. It saves time, effort, and money as compared to traditional techniques. 


The vehicles have infinite mud, and dirt on them. No matter if it resulted in an off-road adventure, a leisure sail, or a regular drive around the city, the vehicle requires regular pressure washing services in Fresno. 

Pressure washing is the only method to revive their previous shine without scratching and wasting the water. Many people find this technique effective when used with right right brush attachment and a gentle soap. Accurate pressure is useful in getting rid of mud, and dirt. 

Preparing Surfaces For Painting 

Before applying a fresh coat of paint on a stain to any surface, preparation is essential for achieving long-lasting as well as professional results. Pressure washing can effectively prepare surfaces by cleaning stains, removing dirt, and losing paint, mold, and mildew. 

Professional services ensure cleaning and smoothening of the canvas offering a smooth surface for the paints and mold to adhere better and durable finish. 

Wooden Deck Cleaning 

Wooden decks are prone to absorb spills and foster mold and funder leading to green and slippery surfaces. Pressure washing the wooden desk is essential to ensure the safety of your loved ones. Prevent the mold from settling in with an annual power wash. We suggest you use the right nozzle and hold it at a distance of about 2 to 3 from the deck. 

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Home Exterior and Window Washing

Clean walls, patio, and overall clean aesthetics make the house warmer and more welcoming. With time, even your beautiful white house can turn into a drab gray. To revive aesthetics, you need to power wash or remove accumulated dirt. It is the fastest and most effective way to clean brick houses, windows, and the siding of vinyl houses. 

Freshen Up Your Property’s Exterior To Curb Appeal 

Professional pressure washing brings in a bunch of benefits when you select the best power washing service provider. The reliable provider uses the right techniques for different surfaces to eliminate all sorts of dust and dirt. If you are uncertain about any company, you can trust Commercial Cleaning 77. 

They are experts in fulfilling commercial and residential cleaning demands. Whether it is the patio, driveway, or windows, they expertly reach every corner to remove dirt and buildup. Instead of waiting for the water, they strategically apply it to the right points. 

Their advanced system relies more on pressure level instead of water amount, leaving the surface spotless.  With dedication to excellence and commitment to detail, we eliminate years-old filth without rigorous rubbing. 


If you want to revive the charm of the deck, patio, and all exterior elements, availing the pressure washing services in Fresno is the right option. This is an effective technique offering excellent results when you select a reliable service provider such as Commercial Cleaning 77

Instead of following traditional methods, they incorporate the latest technology for efficiency and satisfactory results. You can narrate your concerns to the team. They will comprehend and act accordingly to live up to all expectations.

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