7 Considerations Before Running an Escape Room Business 

7 Considerations Before Running an Escape Room Business 

Escape rooms have surged in popularity as a form of immersive entertainment, offering a unique blend of puzzle-solving and teamwork that appeals to a wide audience. If you’re considering starting an escape room business, it’s crucial to understand the various factors that can influence your success.   

In this article, we will explore seven key considerations to help you navigate the process effectively.  

  • Understanding the Market  

Research and Analysis 

Before diving into the escape room industry, it’s essential to conduct thorough market research. Understand the demand for escape rooms in your target location. Analyze your competition by visiting other escape rooms, reading reviews, and identifying what they do well and where they fall short. This research will help you pinpoint your unique selling proposition (USP).  

Identifying Your Target Audience 

Do you know your potential customers? Families, corporate teams, tourists, and enthusiasts are common escape room patrons. Tailor your themes and marketing strategies to attract these groups. For instance, corporate groups might be interested in team-building exercises, while families could be looking for fun, kid-friendly themes.  

  • Location and Venue  

Accessibility and Visibility 

The location of your escape room can significantly impact your business. Choose a spot that is easily accessible and visible to attract walk-in traffic. Proximity to other entertainment venues, restaurants, and shopping areas can also enhance your business’s visibility and appeal.  

Space Requirements 

Escape rooms require sufficient space to create immersive environments. Consider the number of rooms you want to offer and the space needed for each. Additionally, think about waiting areas, restrooms, and other amenities to enhance the customer experience.  

  • Theme and Design  

Originality and Creativity 

The theme and design of your escape rooms are critical to attracting and retaining customers. Aim for originality and creativity to stand out in a competitive market. Develop unique storylines and puzzles that engage players and offer a memorable experience.  

Professional Design 

Consider hiring professional designers and builders to create high-quality sets and props. Attention to detail can significantly enhance the immersion and overall experience. Additionally, ensure that your rooms are safe and comply with local building codes and regulations.  

  • Puzzles and Gameplay  

Variety and Difficulty 

A well-designed escape room features a mix of puzzles that cater to different skill levels. Incorporate a variety of puzzle types, such as logic puzzles, physical challenges, and hidden objects. Ensure a balanced difficulty level to keep the game challenging yet enjoyable for all players.  

Testing and Feedback 

Before opening your escape room to the public, conduct thorough testing. Invite friends, family, and escape room enthusiasts to playtest your rooms. Gather feedback on the puzzles, flow, and overall experience, and make necessary adjustments to improve the game.  

  • Business Plan and Financials  

Initial Investment 

Starting an escape room business requires a significant initial investment. Costs include rent, design and construction, marketing, and operational expenses. Create a detailed budget to understand the total investment needed and plan your finances accordingly.  

Pricing Strategy 

Determine a pricing strategy that reflects the quality of your escape room experience while remaining competitive. Consider offering group discounts, membership programs, and special promotions to attract a broader audience. Additionally, analyze your operating costs to ensure profitability.  

Revenue Streams 

Explore additional revenue streams to enhance your business’s profitability. Merchandise sales, such as themed souvenirs, can provide extra income. Hosting special events, corporate team-building sessions, and birthday parties can also boost your revenue.  

  • Marketing and Promotion  

Online Presence 

Nothing beats the vitality of having a solid online presence in attracting customers. So, ensure you develop a professional website with detailed information about your escape rooms, pricing, and booking options. Moreover, do not forget to use different popular social media platforms to interact with your audience, post updates on your business, and promote special discounts and offers.   

Partnerships and Collaborations 

Did you know that making partnerships with your local businesses can help you reach to a more broader audience base? Collaborate with hotels, tour operators, and event planners to offer special packages and promotions. Networking with other escape room owners can also provide valuable insights and opportunities for cross-promotion.  

  • Legal and Safety Considerations  

Licensing and Permits 

Ensure you comply with all local regulations and obtain the necessary licenses and permits to operate your business. This may include business licenses, health and safety permits, and fire safety inspections. For this, consulting with a legal expert is highly recommended as it would help you understand the requirements pertaining to your business.   

Safety Measures 

Safety is paramount in an escape room business. Implement comprehensive safety protocols, including emergency exits, first aid kits, and staff training. Clearly communicate safety rules to players before the game begins. Regularly inspect and maintain your rooms to ensure a safe environment.  


Protect your business with appropriate insurance coverage. Now the coverage can include crucial areas like general liability insurance, property insurance, and compensation of workers. Insurance can safeguard your business against potential lawsuits, accidents, and property damage.  


Starting an escape room business can be a rewarding venture if approached with careful planning and consideration. By following the strategies and steps detailed above, you can build a successful escape room business that provides a thrilling and memorable experience for your customers. So, get going and start building your escape room brand now!  

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